Friday, August 14, 2015

Activity subscription boxes and kits in India: A new twist in childhood art and craft making

As kids we were happy getting a bottle of glue (I have made them often using flour and water), scissors, papers and some colors. I strongly remember that happiness of holding first 12 sketch pen set, then graduating to water color tablets, tubes, poster colors and then acrylic colors. My mother would never shout on little spillage or wastage and she gave me leeway saying that to build nice things little wastage is required. The surfaces were paper, bottles, terracotta pots, wood pieces, meter cloths and time were mostly mid mornings or afternoons. Early mornings or evenings were restricted for studies.
Things have changed a lot since then, screen time (Television, video games, internet surfing) is snatching away time from children’s other businesses. We parents are no different and often have lack of time to plan and organize some art and craft session with kids.  We keep looking for ways to spend quality time with kids specially the little ones. We understand that of all the things available from internet the human touch, art of talking and sharing being collaborative and team to each other is still done only through spending time with our children. Art, craft, and DIYs activities, are the best way to build that collaboration between you and your child.
Recently many companies for Indian children have started looking into this need of parents and have come up with ideas on art, craft, reading, and science customized in a box. You can subscribe to them (we all love to get parcels!) and they are delivered to you at doorsteps or buy the art and craft kits from online/ real shops and spend gala time with your child.

IMC’s treasure box:  The newest offer in the market. Under the banner Indian Moms Connect (Website for Indian mothers residing all over the world), IMC treasure box caters to children of 2-4 years of old (under the Imli tree) and 4-7 years  (under the banyan tree). They are unique in their delivery are that covers both India and US. The activity box contains curated mix of Indian children books, related activity, kids friendly recipe suggestions and curated app suggestions for parents. They offer 1 month and 3 month subscription. Each month there are new surprises a your door step.
For pricing and choices check here.

Magic Crate:  The first page of the magic crate says “Explorer, Artist, thinker, what your child wants to be today? They bring kit boxes for kids of 4-8 years of age. They have crates under several themes, engineer, sailor, jungle, astronaut, scientist, story teller etc. you can buy single crates or subscribe to them. They also have an option of a trial crate. They are offering 50% sale on Independence day special.
For subscription pricing and choices check here.

Flintobox: Targeting to kids who spend too much time watching TV or playing video games, Flintobox brings lot of choices in its customized boxes. They bring discovery boxes for 3-7 years of age. They also provide several themes similar to as in magic crate. Subscriptions are possible and also one time buy.
For subscription pricing and choices check here.  

Small Brown Box: These boxes contain material and manual for one project and 2-3 project ideas for children to build on them based on the months theme. Small brown box cover the areas of Arts and craft, science, exploration and imaginative play cover key development areas for kids aged 3-7 years of age. You can try a onetime buy or have different subscription option. They also offer return gifts with containing selected materials for smaller make a do experience for the little guests in your child’s parties. The customized boxes provide messiness meter and adult involvement scale to guide both parent and child before diving into an activity.
For subscription pricing and choices check here.

Candy Cane Club: They provide monthly educational boxes, with integrated toys, books, craft and activities for every month’s theme. The boxes are targeted for children of 2- 6 years of age. You can get membership of 3, 6 and 12 months. You also get option to buy single trial pack. The sample pictures showed age appropriate craft activities with sorted and personalized themed materials for your little ones to explore. They provide products from different brands and you can make choices.
For subscription pricing and choices check here.

Dingdong Box: They design educational activities for children. They provide boxes around themes like animals, space, around the world, birds etc. the activity boxes comes with instructions and directions, all the materials including scissors and markers required to carry out the activity is provided in the box.  They provide subscription choices and also return gift offer. Boxes are targeted for kids of 3- 8 years of age.
For subscription pricing and choices check here.

Lighthouse:  Light house brings creative boxes for your children to create, engage and learn. They offer activity boxes designed for broader age group. They provide boxes for older kids from 6- 12 years of age. The complexity level of boxes can be chosen as per the age group. The subscription can be done for 3, 6 or 12 months.  
For Subscription pricing and choices check here.

Cocomocokids:  They have changed their name from Traveller Kids to cocomocokids. As the previous name suggested this subscription box idea is based on travel. In their own words “Our games help develop important skills in children, improve their general knowledge and keep them engaged for long.” The concept target today’s urban children who are lucky to travel to many countries. The kits provide information about world or several countries. The subscription kits are recommended for children age 5 years and above. The idea of teaching geography is revisited in these boxes. There are also very interesting themes like French soap making kit! If you are a traveler and you want to raise a GK and travel loving child then this subscription is for you. You can buy 6 months subscription or separate kits.
For Subscription pricing and choices check here.

 Potli – a bag of wonders DIY kits: Indian traditional form of art, craft, and paint is a marvelous way to let your child know about India and its diversity, think about the richness of colors used in art forms, how they were prepared in ancient times and how Indian fold art is true mirror of its people. The themes varies from Santhal painting, patua painting, shell craft, madhubani and warli painting,  block printing, and many more. They also offer doll making kit from different states of India, the kit contains state of the art materials and make it easy for kids and parents to create and engage. Targeted to older children of age 5 years and above, there are some choices for teenage kids too. They have jigsaw puzzles with indigenous themes for smaller children too.
Potli DIY kits can be brought from different online stores like amazon, itokri, tadpole store. Prices vary for different product ranges.

Toy- Kraft: Offers a lot of variety and is available from most of the retails stores, toy stores, and book stores, and online stores like flipkart and amazon in India. They have age appropriate art and craft idea kits and also variety of ideas from one concept like shell craft. Toy-kraft has DIY kits with themes of traditional art and craft forms and new trends like quilling, sequine craft and so on. They also cater to the idea of jewellery designs, wrist bands or hairclips designs.