Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A special day of life

Well, there were almost no reason to look forward towards my birthday this year. Firstly because I am walking more down on the wrong side of thirty, secondly this was the the first time when I was all alone in a foreign land only with my daughter (Five and half) and thirdly for last few days I was not in a good mood due to work not progressing properly, due to uncertainty after one year, due to the feeling that my daughter is not learning or growing enough, due to the growing weeds in my garden and so on.
So this morning when I got the expected calls from my distant husband, parents, brother and sister I might have sounded quite miserable to them. They tried there best to cheer me up by suggesting to have a lunch in the restaurant or to buy gifts for myself. My daughter wished very lazily in the morning after constant reminder from me as she was busy thinking something else. That made me even more sad and another nagging feeling started bothering me is that may be I am raising a self centered girl. Needed to go to work anyways and as a whole I had a normal day at work. While coming back home I almost had forgotten that it was my birthday.
But there were some treasures hidden for me and they appeared when I went to pick my daughter from her best friend's house. Her friend's mother (has become my good friend too in last few months) ushered a very warm birthday wish to me and told me that we are going to have dinner with them! My daughter and her friend came running with two hand made cards and hugged me warmly. My daughter was beaming brightly and they sang self made birthday songs for me. Those special birthday kid feeling happily started crawling inside me.
We had a very delicious dinner of home made burgers and salad. This was a big surprise for me and I was already feeling very blessed. After finishing the dinner, two girls suddenly started whispering each other and they took me away from the dining room. When I was called back again I saw that there were two chocolate cakes waiting for me on the table with pink icings and lit candles. Two girls have baked them for me with my friend's help after they came back from the school.
This was incredible!
I had no expectations about this day and it turned out to be a fantastic one. I am sure for many coming birthdays I will remember this special day of my life when I had a chance to cut two cakes!

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  1. Everybody loves being treated well. Looks like your daughter has become mature enough to act indifferent about your birthday in the morning and plan to give you a pleasant surprise later on. Wonderful.