Friday, November 27, 2009

Cable Salad

Although here and there you might find some exceptions but I have not seen many women who love to play with screw drivers and wires. I also belong to that typical genre of women who tries first to ignore any electrical and electronic problems and then waits for some one to come and fix them. Being a better half of a highly enthusiastic DIY (Do It Yourself) expert, I anyway had the luxury of staying in background whenever it came to fix a new kitchen in a rented apartment or to install a new DVD writer in an old computer. In this one year of living on my own, along with several other things as I have mentioned on my other posts, I have also learned to, first get frustrated, then start trying and then play with several kinds of wires, cables, screws and gizmos we need in our everyday urban life. It all began with buying a camera (very simple point and shoot type) by myself and for myself. Well this was as my daughter says "eezy peezy lemon sqeezy" but I for the first time started working on my photos using photo imaging software. This was fun and quite interesting. Next steps were to update myself with new songs and music and organize them properly digitally which was also something I have never done before. Buying a new mobile and understanding all its features again was alright, after all phone is women's best friend. Then there was a nagging problem with our television and the freeview box. This I ignored in the beginning but with increasing demand of my daughter I needed to sit down one day and after lots of novice trials I found that suddenly both of them were tuned. My daughter's smiling face was a big encouragement for me on that day. Then there was some strong virus invasion in my windows based computer which took quite a toll on me. I read a lot about virus cleaning and at last, after discussion with many friends I was able to get rid of the virus. The computer has also started showing some problems from then onwards, I am not sure whether it is due to the age of the computer or it is a post viral weakness. Last week the switch in our bathroom broke. These bathroom switches are little different in UK and they have long chord or strings. I managed to find and buy a new suitable switch from the shop but I was still not brave enough and had to request one of my colleague to repair it. I was standing there and looking sharply how he mended it (very unlikely of me) and I am sure next time I will be able to do it. Now at least I don't try to ignore when any electrical or electronic problem arises and I am glad that I have started doing that as when the problem solves after lots of effort it is worth trying.

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