Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Yes, it is quite late now to talk about new year resolutions any more, after all the new year is already two weeks old. I also thought not to make any resolutions anymore but this is a habit of each year. It doesn't matter if I got little late in making them as I was busy holidaying when we entered into this year and I had no intentions then to rein myself. And now when I need to start working again I might am trying keep the holiday flavour little more.
Well of course there are some physical things I would like to acquire this year but I am still not so upfront to discuss those in this public platform. May be I would talk about them later this year (if at all they find a place in my coming days). Today I would like to talk about all other stuff I would like to do this year and all other years ahead.

Self indulgence: Not that I have led a non indulgent life so far but I would like to do it more as with more coming years life is going to be shorter, so thumbs up from now onwards to occasional chocolates, haircuts, compulsive shopping, long relaxing weekends, eating outs and I promise to do them without feeling any guilty tinge.

More discipline: I define myself as a laid back mother who haven't really forced any rules to her child. It has been working nicely with us until now. She has turned six recently and there seems a little need to tell her about the responsibilities of freedom she demands for. For example tidying up her room after a playful afternoon with her best friend and resume some small duties of household like filling water in an empty jug, putting her books away after reading and cutting tomato salad with a butter knife.

Thicken my skin: Oversensitive skin has been my problem from childhood, I have wasted countless days and nights on thinking about comments made by others to me. The fault is not completely mine as I (or girls in our society) am/are raised to be good to others. In the process of doing that we keep hurting ourselves and we turn in to a sulking, nagging and complaining characters and forget cheerful, friendly person within us. I will stop being good to all others just for sake of being good from this year on. My experience says that this does not work. If someone thinks that I am not good to them then this will not change no matter how much I try, so why not I stop trying and accept the fact that I cannot be good to all the people around me.

Organise: I am working hard on this aspect which is typically my partners trait. I like to organise and plan things ahead but it works only occasionally. There are always unforeseen incidents which overrides on my dairy pages filled with bullet points. I need to be more careful in thinking ahead although I am also very proud of my spontaneous approach towards life. Proper organisation will be necessary for the coming years ahead to keep doing things I always wanted to along with a balanced work and family life.

Compartmentalise: I will start with buying some boxes for my daughters room for her toys and stuff. I also need to do same with the things I do everyday. Things do get overlapped and jumbled up very easily. I need to find ways to separate different projects and move them forward with equal interest and effort. One step might be the same way I used to finish homework of six subject everyday in my school days i.e. to do little bit on all every day and keeping a good log.

Enrich: Reading, I was almost forgetting the art some years ago (amidst of a small child, work pressures and impatience) but have been able to resume it lately through short stories or interesting novels. Gardening, never was really so much interested but recently a readymade garden in the backyard provokes a lot. Travelling, have been my strong interest and have always found ways to do it, finger crossed. Writing, liked it always, have published here and there but now I would like to make it more regular, lets see. Socialising, again this has been my strong point and hopefully will remain my way to enter into the hearts of different cultures, countries and continents.

Expect less: It is not that I expect lots of material in life but I do expect lots of love, care, acceptance and encouragement. May be this is too much to expect in this busy world. More expectations brings dissatisfaction and emptiness. So why not ask for less and live happily.

Don't take things for granted: This is my hard earned wisdom. There is nothing which is forever or permanent, neither your career nor the relationships. If I need them I have to work for them. My good performance in past will not bring me lucrative offer today. Work place is full of highly competitive and compatible people, it does not have the patience or time to hear your story. It only can sense my success and not the hard work. Relationships are equally volatile too. If I am busy fixing my career then I need to be prepare to hear that from my near ones. It is a critical state and at this moment only way I can find is to value them both whenever possible in whatever way.


  1. Reading the blog seemed like reading what i would have written about me........except for the fact that i have 2 kids instead of one ........

    Great going Chandrima,i just loved the piece.....keep going, and enlighten our lives too.
    love you.