Monday, May 31, 2010

Praise; a golden key

We always crave for appreciation for our deeds, as there is a hidden child inside all of us. But most of us forget in our daily juggle to stop a little, take a look at people around us and admire or thank for their support, encouragement and simply because they are walking with us, for we don't remember that they might leave us at any moment and start a new journey altogether. Praise, appreciation, encouragement and a hearty thanks never does a harm. It always opens up a new path to keep us going. You might have seen many instances in your life, here are few from mine.

'J' (age 4 and half) got a new pink cotton dress from her favourite aunt for the summer. She is very proud of her dress with bright floral prints and lots of embroidered frills. She waits eagerly for Monday to show her dress to her Kindergarten  teacher.

Monday morning:

'J' is standing very proudly in front of her teacher;
her teacher, amidst of all the Monday morning chaos and eleven kids running here and there, noticed the new dress, praised it with a broad smile and big exclamation, she also touched the frills and commented on their softness and colour.
'J' is very happy and her smile equals to that of a princess,
'J' looks at her daddy, and finds he is happy too, as he can see how a little amount of genuine praise helped his daughter to settle down in kindergarten on a Monday morning.

She spends the whole day cooking several courses, as her husband told her before going to the office that he will come for lunch.
He is very late, wife is getting angry and irritated.
Finally he arrives and in a quick glance notices the straight tight lipped face of his wife.
He says, I was trying to come out from the office for a long time, but there was always some work coming up one after another.
She puts no remark and lays the table silently.
He comes to the table and speaks with a great exclamation, "Oh my god, you have cooked so many things, you must have spent the whole day sweating in the kitchen. Now I can not control my hunger anymore." And he starts eating and appreciating each and every item carefully.
A curved smile replaces the straight tight lips of his wife.
School leaving exams are very crucial in the life of an Indian teenager, the results of these exams decide their futures.
Every mother of a Class 12 student in India therefore lives with  a year full of tension and nervousness.
For the students, they cannot foresee the impact of this exam, also in order to reduce the imposed stress and as a general nature of teenage they want to spend more and more time with their friends.
Son returns home from his friends house after spending the whole morning there.
Mother (feeling very angry and helpless on seeing her son wasting so much time before exams, but she reacts in another way): "Come on, have some thing to eat. You must be tired after whole morning of studying together".
Son was not expecting this from his mother, he feels sorry,  after finishing his lunch he goes straight to his room and studies for the whole afternoon.

Her little sister will never make tea, if anyone asks her to make it.
She therefore always reminds her sister that she is actually the best tea-maker in their family, just near the tea time. This true appreciation always works and everybody in the family gets hot cup of masala chai dot at 4.30 p.m.

She calls him and asks, did you read my blog?
His answers are normally a monosyllabic yes, but today he adds that he has bookmarked her blog and not only the regular posts he also reads all the comments. He appreciates her regular effort.
She feels highly inflated, she sits down and starts to write yet another blog with a  big smile on her face.


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