Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to get a PhD position in Germany? A little more

In my last post on how to get a Phd position in Germany? I mentioned about the points which can be helpful for a M.Sc final year student who has already made up her/his mind to proceed towards a PhD and that too in a foreign country.

But if you are already absorbed in a research institute in India and have joined a PhD programme, and you are still looking for doing PhD or collaborative PhDs from other places like in Germany, then as one my friends suggested; you can always reach out and make contacts with invited European scientists in the international seminars or conferences hosted by your institute or in any other Indian institute where you can participate.

As I mentioned in last posts and also in an  another one that largest numbers of applications for PhD positions are submitted from India and China and a personal dialogue or discussion in an international seminar can always provide an extra edge to your application.

But of course, if this is not possible in your case, then you can directly apply for international Phd programmes like;

India and Germany has very strong educational ties and exchange services like DAAD are there offering several PhD positions in various fields. 

It is also possible to do collaborative research through DAAD exchange service, but in that case it is essential that your PhD supervisor in India have interests in starting a collaboration or does have a running collaboration already with a German faculty.

DAAD exchange programme also offers fellowships for short visits to both Indian and German Masters students, in that case it is needed to find a host faculty in the subject you are interested to pursue a short project. This short programmes are very good exposure to for those who want to opt for a PhD in Germany. 

In the field of science Masters studies/projects can be done in English language in many institutes now in Germany but for humanities, law or management the medium of instruction can be both German and /or English.

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