Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday Ritual

Saturday morning, I and 'J' go for 'J's swimming lessons. At 9.30 a.m.

It is little difficult for both of us as  Friday evening for us is no rule day, meaning 'J' will watch, watch and watch what ever screen is available for her. Then at one point I start giving her warnings that if she does not wrap up soon then next day morning we might miss the swimming class. This normally works. But after she goes to sleep. I sit down in front of the computer and surf, surf and surf. Then I need to shout on myself (internally) that if I don't go to sleep now, then my poor little girl might miss her swimming classes.

So on Saturday morning we tear ourselves out from the bed and then after a very short breakfast and tea we go out, both very silent. But as soon as we reach the Sports center, we are charged up.  She goes to her team, I sit with other parents/grandparents in the view aisle. Time to time I see her looking at me after finishing a round, and I need to send her signals of encouragement (excellent, good, fair)  by showing thumbs up, straight or down.

So then, 'J' finishes a warm shower and dressing up,  and we are out on our next venture. Grabbing some real English Scottish breakfast from some nice (cheap) place. We both eat like hungry dolphins. 'J's hunger is reasonable, I don't find any reason for mine but never mind I enjoy my every bite and every sip. We don't talk again. We are too busy enjoying our bits. We desperately look at other people's table and compare and then we look at each other and smile ensuring each other that our breakfast is the best.

After finishing the elaborate breakfast our next destination is the city library. First we return the borrowed books and DVDs, then 'J' directly goes to the children section. She scans different books, stops at the fairy ones. Lie down on the carpet and looks at them. I stay in the same room but look at my kind of books or search some art and craft, other interesting books or cassettes for 'J'.

We look at each other from time to time. She shows me the piles of books she has chosen and looks at me for my permission to take them, I smile affirmatively. She then chooses one DVD. Sometimes she listens to other mother who might also be sitting at the carpet and reading a small story to her child. Almost after an hour and half we look at each other and agree to finish then. She takes her card and goes to the counter. I also sometimes borrow something for myself. As I don't get any help from my mother in reading books so normally it takes more time to finish my ones!

And then we go out and 'J' holds my finger, takes a deep breath,  smiles and asks "Mamma, which shop are we going first?"

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