Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Binny and her bean bag

Recently Binny has come to India. She did not want to. But her parents told her that originally they belong to India and they were living in the other country just temporarily and now it is time to go back to their own country permanently.  Binny does not know what those words like 'temporary' or 'permanent' means. Binny has been in India only for holidays, she liked those holidays but she also waited for her holidays to end so that she can come back to her friends to tell all the stories about India. Now the idea that she will not be coming back after few days is making her sad. She is not sure if she will find friends in India.  And not only friends Binny has also heard her mum and dad are talking about selecting just some of the stuff they have and taking them to India, rest they will sell, donate or give for recycling. They say it is too expensive to take everything with them. Binny is sad for her favorite bean bag, she has to leave it,  it was from the land lady. The bean bag has to stay in the house for the other family who will come after they will leave the house. Binny's parents told her that they will buy one bean bag for her if they get one in India. But Binny was still sad,  she knew the new bean bag if she finds, will not be so comfy like the one she had. Anyway, what to do, she had to leave with her parents for India, a new country for her. 

Last few days of packing, saying good bye to the school, after school club, friends, going to the airport, the long flying journey, all these things went very fast. Soon Binny found herself landing in India. As soon as she came out of the airport she started sweating, sun was shining brightly and there were many people all over. They took out their warm furry jackets, her mum hold her hands strongly. They came to the new home, it was almost evening, the flat looked fine to her. It was on top floor with  a balcony. From the balcony she saw many children were playing outside. She stood there for some time, listened to them, what they were playing? How they were playing? She liked them, but she was missing her best friend strongly. Her parents understood her, they were also going through the newness of the place, although they have returned back to their own country. 

From next day, they started thinking about furnishing and decorating their new place. They made many visits to several furniture shops and furnishing houses. Binny was happy to get so many new things at once. She noticed that her parents are trying to buy same kinds of things they had before. For Binny also they bought a nice study table and a folding bed. They were looking for green wall board where she can put photos of her friends and the pictures she makes. Her mum was searching a world map poster just like she had in her room before. In between they also went to Binny's new school. Binny liked the school, the class teacher and the head teacher. She saw that the children in her class were smiling and waving at her. She liked them. She got lots of text books, some thing she did not have in her previous school, their they were given one book at a time. Also lots of notebooks, pencils, coloring stuff and so on. She was happy. 

That evening they went to one furniture shop and she could find many bean bags lying at one corner. She ran to that corner and picked one from them. It was soft and colorful. Her parents smiled at her and they bought one for her.

She was very excited and after coming home she skyped with her best friend abroad and told her about the new bean bag. She was always sitting on it and doing everything sitting there. Her mum joked that may be the bean bag will get stick to her. She actually thought that will be great, then she can sit everywhere, specially when they are waiting in long queues.

She had her dinner,  watched television, read bedtime stories all while sitting on the bean bag. Finally she went to sleep after saying good bye to the bean bag.

Next day when she sat on the bean bag, and then wanted to get up and get a book, she found that she cannot get up, the bean bag was stuck on to her back. Oh no, what her mum said has come true! She called her mum and even lots of trials from her mum to take her away from the bean bag failed.

What to do, she drank her milk and then jumped on the study table with her bean bag on the back to study, but it was not possible, then she jumped down and did her work on a small table anyhow. Then her mum took her downstairs to play with other kids, all were surprised to see Binny. Binny was also shy with a big bean bag on her back in front of the new friends. But they tried to play together, when they played hide and seek she was always the one to be found out first because her bean bag was peeping out all the time. When they played chasing she was always getting caught as it was quite heavy to run with the bean bag. Binny was tired and frustrated, she did not want to play anymore, she wanted to go back home.

That day to watch television, to have dinner or to read bedtime stories was not so fun on the bean bag. When she went to bed, she thought oh! if it would be ever possible to get away from the bean bag. Then she heard her mum is calling her from far and shaking her. She suddenly realized that she was actually sleeping. She saw there was no bean bag on her back. She got up from the bed. She went to the bean bag sat on it and got up again, hurray! it did not get stuck to her. She came to her mum hugged her tightly and said I love my bean bag mummy.

Disclaimer: Part of my fictional mind inspired from recent happenings in our lives.

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