Thursday, November 25, 2010


  • Smell of old books sold by the charitable organizations like Oxfam or Cancer Research
  • The Cafeterias with cane chairs and tables kept outside for sunny days
  • The roadsides where walking could be done without any honks
  • A book shop called Waterstone, my place to wander on each Saturday morning and sometimes even on weekdays at lunch time
  • That cathedral which is getting ruined with time but still reminds you of its grace and rich history whenever you stand below it
  • The sea and its pungent smell, the cold breeze, the versatile waves, the moss gathering on the stones from eternity, the sea gulls and the sea shells
  • The trams arriving at every 5 minutes to take me to anywhere I wanted  to on a day when I was low in my mood, specially to that organic shops where I could see , touch smell all sorts of eco friendly, skin friendly, non allergic, zero pesticide content bags of food, spices, tea, beauty products etc, then I would keep most of them back to the shelf after seeing the price tag, but by that time I could feel that my mood had risen up
  • Friends who just on looking at me would say that come on lets have a coffee and we would drink coffee even without talking with each other, after that I would be all on to take over the world again
  • The colleagues, who were very quiet but managed to crack a joke just at the right moment and made me laugh loud
  • The big glass window in the living room which could bring all the sunlight keeping the cold breeze away from me
  • A little walk and then entering into the public library at the corner of my street or the library at the city center, small but very enriched, spending hours there looking at biographies, autobiographies, motivational, cookery and several other books and then picking up a book of short stories
  • The pungent smell of the chemistry labs while passing through them or working inside them
  • The view of the sea or greens from my office rooms while I needed to concentrate at my work 
  • The feeling that I am good at what I am doing, no matter if I don't have enough certificates or medals to show off
  • The feeling that I work hard and I deserve treats too


  1. Whether you work hard or not, you deserve a treat if you decide you do :) I identify with the 'missing the sea' bit. Though Chennai isn't the UK, I miss the Marina beach very much. There's something about the sea that heals.

  2. Yes, that's right but don't you think that a treat seems to be more worth when you have to slog for 9-5! Yes, the sea, that truly is a great healer.