Thursday, February 24, 2011

While trying to do science

Recently while staying at home and contemplating of my journey in science, the inspirations and the challenges, I wrote a piece about it. An upcoming, contemporary web portal for modern women called womensweb showcased the article.
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Also while writing my story I stumbled upon several others who are working in science and what they are thinking. Academia is a field for individualistic approach. The roles are mostly for one person, supervisor, PhD student. Collective approach for thinking and problem solving is rare. From PhD students to post docs to academic faculties to technical staff, all try to face and solve their problems all alone.

There are rarely unions or societies or teams where many individual conglomerate together and make achievements together. And those who do really can make it big.  Sharing knowledge an information is needed but hardly followed and this has been going on for ages in science.  Although modern science is moving towards collaborations but human resource management, the utilization of talent pool and encouragement to a researcher if things does not turn out well is still in its nascent stage; which is dangerous as this results into loss of talents, information and development. Most scientific institute lacks proper human resource management cell, if some have this, they are mainly involved with processes involved after recruitment. Continuous education program,  development of personal skills, etc are often overlooked. And in some institutes where they care to have programs to develop personal skills, it is often overlooked by the players in science as some unscientific obligations and that is so naive an approach.

Science is not out of the world phenomenon, it is for the society and people are coming from the society so a bridge is always required for exchanging knowledge and people. 

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  1. Congratulations on being showcased on Women's Web! I'd read the story about the leaky pipe and found it very interesting, informative ... and sadly true. I just read your comment on my blog. I've added a link on my blog to yours. I'm glad you're keeping your writing wheels moving while you sort out the whole work/science/motherhood balance. Keep trying, never stop believing. Your comment was very inspirational. Hugs from Canada :-)