Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daily rants

'J's summer vacation is going on, it has started mere two days ago. She is in her predictable bit, no routine, walking around in her oldest pyjama with a hole in it, watching TV or reading book lying in her bed. It is getting too hot here. She managed to make 5 book marks which is a part of her holiday homework. She is shouting if I am asking her to do something else, except for when I ask her to take out shells from boiled eggs or to water the three potted plants we have. She puts her ear close if the word maths or hindi is coming out of our lips. So all in all this is how it is going, only I am becoming unpredictably short tempered. Just after a hot squabble with her, I took out all her toys from her toy bag and asked her to clean them up and put them back properly. She is playing, talking with the toys and in her imaginary world.
May be I was missing this in these two days.

It is scorching hot out here, and this is specially for those friends of mine who are living some where near the north or south pole and are complaining about the cold or sunless days. I am telling you guys too much sun is melting the days and nights, people's appetite and people's temper out here. So be happy and enjoy the cold weather.
Only good thing about the Indian harsh summer - Mangoes. The unripe and the newly ripened ones.

I was keeping an eye on the book The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer in the bookshops before it got the Pulitzer, and pondering over buying it, and suddenly all its popularity with Pulitzer award made the book disappear from the bookshops in a city of India.

I am working as a freelance writer recently, where I am summarising several scientific articles on weekly basis. I am also writing parenting blogs and there are plans to write children book reviews. So all mummy's and daddy's out there if you are reading interesting books for your kids and you care to pass the information to others then please pass me the news.
So now I am graduating into a WAHM - Work at home mum!
Good things are: the flexibility to work and the definite nature of work. Availability to 'J' when she comes back from school. No need to worry whether she is properly taken care at after-school club or holiday club.
Bad things are: it is like living in a lonely planet with no colleague to talk about bags and shoes or about other colleagues. The job is not among the best paid ones and there is no assurance about future.

Okay now I finish my ranting! Stay cool...

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