Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jet - lag, mosquitoes, birthday party etc.

On returning back 'J' didn't get any buffer time to start for school. It was bang on next day. We are bad parents that way, I know.

She had to get up at 7 a.m Indian time meaning 3.30 a.m German time. So her body was highly jet  - lagged. But going to school, seeing class-friends again does have the adrenaline pump and she started managing to get up fine from first day of her school.

I was happy seeing that, she is looking forward to school. For friends, for her own space in her society and for few favourite teachers she has.

Problem was that she was not able to sleep at 9.30 p.m (her standard sleeping time) as for her body it was 6 p.m. (in Germany). So I was trying to tell her that she will not be able to continue like this for the whole week.

She seriously replied, "I have another 'J' in my mind, and when the you put the lights off, that 'J' starts talking with me about several topics, and although in the beginning I don't listen to her but slowly I get excited and then I start talking too. Then sleep goes away from my eyes."

I had no answer to her. I just said, yes you are right. We also are going through the same problem now-a-days. Insomnia - very well described by a kid.

Mosquitoes are in their high form in this monsoon season and are biting 'J' on every nook and corner of her soft skin in spite of Odomos and mosquito net. She is scratching all the time.
I was showing my empathy to her. She said, "I knew this will happen once more. I was so used to of moving my limbs and mosquitoes also made friends with me. But now that I went to Germany and came back, they have started biting me again. I am also no good in moving myself all the time now. I have to start doing that and then it will be fine."

One member named 'A' of  my "All fun baking club" had birthday recently. I was thinking whether it will be a good idea that we give her a surprise by baking something for her. I did not put the idea forward as I thought, lets see what is going on in the minds of other members.

A birthday party was announced to be held on Saturday by 'A's parents. On Friday, 2-3 members of baking club came to me and told me that they want to give a surprise and baked gift to 'A'. So I should tell 'A' that this Saturday there would be no baking session and she would not know about the surprise.

"Yes, Off course", I said. I assured them that I am actually very good in keeping secrets!
So on Saturday morning we all rushed together and baked a vanilla-chocolate marble cake with Gummi-bears (Haribo) on top. 'A' and all other kids/adults in the birthday party liked it and 'All fun baking club' members were very happy.
I have promised 'A' that we will bake the same again with her in the team.

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  1. How about gulab jamun for this weekend? Had planned to do it with A & M over the summer break but couldn't.