Friday, August 26, 2011

A friend and a cup of coffee

It was just by chance; we were searching for a better house to live and we found a perfect one near to their' s. I knew her before as 'J's class-friend's 'P's mother. We met each other in the market street. She was a warm and pleasant person with lots of curls on her head and smiles in her eyes.

As we shifted to their street, they (family of 3) came to welcome us with a nice bunch of flower. I instantly sensed that we were going to have nice time. They knew we were temporary people in their street but they stretched their arms for nothing else but friendship.

Time went by and we started getting closer. I was in that time a shelled person with no confidence at all, I was all messed up and needed to get things sorted, I was trying to re-search some traits of mine and I was not sure about them. Her big warm hand, offering me a bond of friendship was absolutely the thing I needed then.

'J' also mingled with the family very quickly and took the position of the second child for them. This was the first time she was getting close to people other than her parents and kindergarten teachers/kids. Two girls used to call themselves, two sisters and we used to call them yin and yang!

We spent our time of togetherness with cups of coffee and we went for city trails, a theatre, school functions, shopping and also a Harry Potter train journey. We taught them  to eat chicken korma,  spinach - lam and they taught us to make burgers, potato salad, home made custard and so many other things.

I did not have specifics to brew real coffee, a must have for pure, dark, no milk coffee drinkers. I mostly offered her Nescafe with a spoon full of of sugar. She always took it with a smile, she had a special place in my home to sit near the window, with her coffee mug on the window side. It could be a weekday just after 6 pm or a friday, even better then. Girls used to get busy in their world, taking out each and every toy 'J' had and then displaying them and playing with them. We mothers were fine with that as long as they made promise to  tidy things up. The two girls always agreed to that but always made fuss at the end.

While the girls were busy playing we used to talk on several issues mostly- religion, India, Europe, parenting, friendship, psychology or she would force me to do to brain training games like Sudoku or taught me play Back Gammon. She would never bother about my limits and once she even forced me to dance on the tunes on 'Hey MaKarena'! Yes, I liked that experience.

The place where we were is famous for its rain, wind and cold weather and people warned me when I was preparing to go there for not few days but two years. But while living there, my friend gave me the warmest experiences of my life.

Today on one very rainy friday while I am in warm India, I am missing you my friend. A friend who never cared for any calculation in friendship, who always kept her doors open for us and if anyway she found that my door is closed she just knocked thrice and came in.

A friendship is to share your thoughts, cross your limits and give your best hug;
A friendship is to break the walls, forget your woes or worries and embrace.

Dedicated to the month of August - where friendship day resides.