Thursday, April 5, 2012


Had a long day in office, days at work are not smooth sailing anymore, honeymoon period is over and I am getting exposed to several unexpected an unplanned events. A working day is also not only work any more, it is more and more of meetings, planning objectives, tracking time and communicating with clients.  The process of coming back home is also a big thing, trailing through the big serpents of traffic, aggressive driving and half dug roads. Badly wanted a warm tea and some warmth on returning back home. It was quarter to eight already. As the home door opened, I saw J watching TV in a defensive pose, meaning I must not touch the TV remote. Dear Husband left hurriedly to his office, he has yet to chase some more targets. This is a plan, we follow many days to balance time at home and work.

"'J', have you finished your homework"? I asked her. "Yes, there were 10 problems in Mathematics and needed to anwer a question in English. I have done half in the day care and half now," was the prompt reply. "Okay, good"! said I. The back of my mind murmured, "New term has began, it will be helpful for J if she does little bit of extra work every day." Those basic things you know; dictations, handwritings, multiplication tables and so on. "Yes, I know". I replied to my conscience. With the excessive heat, I first went for a shower, and on the way I noticed, washing machine  is full with washed clothes and needs to be put on the wire to dry. In the kitchen, fish was waiting to get defrosted and to be cooked.
I was feeling so drained, and tired.

"Can I get a cup of ice tea, mamma?" J asked with her eyes  glued to the TV screen. "Yes, you can but switch of the TV in few minutes." I said. "Yes, Mama", again a prompt reply.
Then made 2 cups of ice tea, defrosted the fish in between and took the cup of tea.
Office, cooking and J were creating lots of clouds in mind, all at a time. Why living is so much work? Arghh...

Upon getting a sip or 2 of the tea, I recommended myself a lie down and at least 15 minutes to get de-stressed. Simply went and hit the bed.

While on the bed, thoughts kept rushing one by one, but after few minutes their speed reduced, I started feeling calm, I kept the work in the back drawer of my mind to be dealt with tomorrow, I gave myself and J a free evening thinking of 10 maths problems and 1 english question has been already done after all!

Finally, I started thinking of a nice soupy Macher Jhol (Bengali- Fish dish), and how I will make it differently today...

ps. As I went to kitchen and started cleaning up the fish, dear husband returned, and asked "What are you doing"? "Talking care of the fish, for the dinner", I said. "Hey, leave it, I have plans to make Doi Maach (a very special Bengali fish dish), but if you have already cleaned it, then please put some marinade on it." I smiled, tossed my plan of doing any cooking,  happily poured the marinade on the fish and left the kitchen light hearted.

Life is not that much work after all...

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  1. I can well imagine and that when I come home never later than 5. But the husband travels, has long hours and I get totally drained in the evening at times.
    And when I think of moving on from my current "relaxing" job, I am scared if I can commit more time to work at all. Ahh guess one day I will take that step too.