Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Learning to be a parent each and every day after being one

Accepting it, the moment she came out of me and then each and every day - She is an another individual.

Being patient - extremely patient.

I will need to teach her each and every thing but she might learn them in her own pace and style.

I will loose my temper at least once everyday and she will never forget to hug and give me a tight hug in the evening.

I take few seconds to identify my child from a group of many children and she takes even less to identify me in the audience.

I will keep saying that "I will keep trying to balance between my work and her and she will be there accepting my every decision".

I will keep telling her to grow up everyday and on some days I will hold her tight and try to pack her in my tummy again.

I will keep telling her to grow up everyday and suddenly one day she will say, " Oh! mamma stop worrying about me coming home late, GROW UP!". I will be in tears that day!

I will keep making promise to her that I will never let her hairs cut anymore and she will dream of hairs to the hip length and then one weekend we will convince her to cut her shoulder length hair so that they would grow better and faster.

There will be days when I might spoil her with material and there will be days when I will try my best to instill non-material virtue in her.

There will be time I will cook mixed vegetable soup for her proper growth and there will be many days when I will only cook pasta and tomato sauce and would not worry about her nutrition needs.

I will try to share all my childhood stories with her, yes even the ones on cheating, lies, being naughty and being selfish. I will share the incidents on failure and inability more often the success stories. I will wait till she  learn to loose gracefully,  like a sportsman.

I will keep googling stuff like

Ten tips for kids lunch box
How to raise a creative child?
Art and craft ideas for kids
How to know signs of anxiety in a child?
How to raise a friend in a child?

for many years to come, sometimes in the middle of night and sometimes in the middle of office hours.
Thank you Google - for being there for mothers of today!

I will keep finding different types of books for her and I will also keep controlling her reading hours so that she does not get absolutely addicted to story books.

I would like to travel as much as possible with her, I know she doesn't like traveling as much I do but I will like her to get exposed to several situations and that comes only from traveling to unknown spaces and living amidst unknown people. In future she might hate me for this but that is okay.

I will be okay with her interests in something and lack of it several other things,  I keep trying and will continue trying being a non-competitive mother.

Good ear to listen, motivation, understanding and fun will be some characteristics of a lazy and imperfect mother of my daughter.

I will keep making friends with parents of my daughter's friends, just to chat, share, complain and enjoy the feeling of being on a same boat.

I tell her this often and will keep telling her whenever I can, "You are the BEST girl I could ever have".


  1. Ore baba, these days I am constantly googling things like "what exactly causes lightning" to "how to explain positive and negative charge to kids". Ki jhamela na. STEM niye ekta post koro eibar.

  2. He he! Thank you bong mom for stopping by! Yes, I think you are right, I can find our some easy ways to explain charge-one way just off the head is you can start with magnets and how the attract or repel and then go down to charge can be coined as ingredients of electricity. :-)