Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life now...

... consists of some limericks, lots of riddles, little care, part memory and some love!

Funny Limericks

J is trying to speak in rhymes and limericks, a phase I so much remember from my childhood. I and my mother used to talk in funny rhymes and sometimes we used to spell all the words in the sentences we said to each other. Those were our early evening, good mood, waiting for papa from office -  games.

Here is an example of J's limrick;

It is so hot
I am feeling like,
I am
boiling in a pot

Mamma if you can
Please switch on the fan.

Complex Riddles

On returning home in the evenings, J shoots lots riddles on me; huff! One of them are:

J: Why did the crow fall off the tree?
Me: How will I know?
J: Because it was dead.
Me: Oh! Okay.
J: Why did the second crow fall off the tree?
Me: Because it was dead.
J: No silly, Becasue it was hit by the first crow.
Me (Understanding that I am getting trapped in a multi-part riddle): Okay.
J: Why did the third crow fall off the tree?
Me: I don't know.
J: Because it thought that it was a game and it wanted to join in.
Me: Off!

Origami Hearts : Aren't they cute?

Little Drops of Care

One day when I was lying being sick and tired, J brought her teddy to me, and told me to hug her favorite teddy with a very serious mummy like caring voice.  Loved that moment.

Another day J prepared a pot of tea in the evening as a surprise for two of us when we returned from office.  That was really a surprise and a good feeling.

Mumu: A lost teddy

Memory of an Another Little Girl

There used to be a very little girl, a pampered, spoiled, sincere, obedient, imaginative, creative, funny and laughing. She was a chubby little girl, and her father used to fumble her hair. Her mother used to play badminton with her. The three used to travel in trains and buses, they used go to many different places and live their for few years, they shared the feelings of seeing sea first time in their lives, they used to play ludo in the evenings, they used to sing Tagore songs together. Then came two babies in their lives. Little girl was told that she was now an elder sister. Little girl was very happy that she got siblings to play with, and she also realized that she will not be little any more. Her father fumbled only her sibling's hairs on returning from office. To her he asked about her school and stuff. Time passed and the little girl grew up, she got married, she was a wife now. Not little anymore, she was a grown up girl now. Time passed and they got a baby. She was a mother now. The grown up girl was very happy but the little girl in her understood that she will never be little anymore. She remembers how her father used to fumble her hair, but now not anymore. Her mother used to play badminton with her but now not anymore.

Time is flying and the baby is a little girl now. A pampered, spoiled, sincere, obedient, imaginative, creative, funny and laughing. She is a thin little girl ....
And the story continues...


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader. Your J is so cute, and so smart! How old is she?

  2. Thanks Mom of A and a for stopping by! J is 8 and yes she keeps looking for the fun factors!