Saturday, January 12, 2013

Monday blues and some interesting websites

Monday morning is on its way. This is the toughest morning many of our lives unless your Monday morning takes you to something special. For most of us Monday morning brings us to the same old routine we left happily on last Friday. After two whole days of wrapping several activities and running errands and having done so many other things you want little more break before starting to slog.

After so many years of getting into Monday blues, just like every I have developed few 'things to do' to combat Monday morning blues.  One of them is a few minute of web crawling in some of my favorite India based sites, before starting my Monday.

Website dedicated to thinking Indian women, doesn't talk about
lipsticks and suit lengths but about several other things a woman face
in today's world.
Extremely feminist and I like it that way. I love their book review, field
note and several other sections.

Only community in India which is trying to bring women to the job
market after they went for a break.
I think they have high fee to begin with but then the programs seems
to be worthwhile.
Also they conduct workshops in different cities of India. They also have many sections in the website which are worth reading to gain ideas about managing work in a better way.

This website talks about women on wanderlust! Traveling alone just for leisure  is almost an unknown thing
in India. We rarely think of going for a trip on our own. These people are trying to make that real.
I love traveling and so I like this site too!

Being a parent it is inevitable not to see some parenting sites, these
ones are for Indian parents and by Indian mothers so I keep reading

Being a book loving person, and mother of a book loving person too,  I keep looking for new books for J. These two websites helps me lot on this agenda.

Sometimes seeing some colorful posts can brighten the mood on Monday morning and can bring cheer in the regular work we do. Interior design sites are worth watching for few minutes break. They bring new ideas for your own place and also reading and visualizing creative ideas gives your brain the happy hormone boost to go back into normal work.

So web crawling is one of the few things I do to bust the stress of a Monday morning or even to relax on some other time.

So here you go! Have a happy week ahead!

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