Tuesday, August 6, 2013

About not blogging and other things...

It's been a while (well many months), I have not written any blog, not that I had ample of readers, but I am sure those very few of them were sad when they visited this space in last few months.
It is not that J is not giving me enough plots to write or that I have nothing to say about my work or so many other things I observe silently, so many bubbles of thoughts form in my mind each day, but I have noticed that while living outside India I had enough time to contemplate on those thought bubbles and then blog them up. On returning to India and then after joining work, my random thought bubbles keep  forming and bursting in equal pace. Sometimes while travelling in my office bus or in the middle of teaching I feel those bubbles to form and then in a hurry to catch with days work or to prepare the dinner I loose the bubbles invariably, or perhaps they tuck themselves away in the layers of memory for I gain them back in my ride back to home or next day while preparing dinner. I go to sleep with mind full of broken or hidden bubbles of thoughts. This gives me discomfort but then life continues without blogging...

Although not blogging, there are many other pages where I am writing regularly and on diverse topics. These are but planed write-ups. My recent endeavour were about understanding oil and fats with more clarity or tips of stress busting to working women of India or about interior decoration for people on the go (like me!)

Also my present work as a medical writer and a quality co-ordinator includes a lot of writing. I found it interesting how I could use so many skills I honed during my research time in my new profession and so wrote about my experiences while transitioning from a researcher into a medical writer.

So planned writing is going on but spontaneous pieces got missed in this space of mine. Hope I will be able to mind the gaps more frequently going forward!

Of late J is very busy with her school, friends and other activities. She has started showing lots of interest towards stray animals- mostly dogs. She wants to become a "Dog Orphanage Manager". I liked this idea of hers.
We are also busy in streamlining her reading obsessiveness. She was becoming a compulsive reader-who would not do anything else but read. She was loosing interest in travelling, doing art and craft or even in shopping. We were getting exasperated. So both J's papa and I have put our foot down, started working closely with each other to help her control her book reading time and take up other things in life. So we are also growing up as a parent and  turning BRAVE enough to discipline the CHILD! (She is reading the last paragraph of the blog with intense eyes, suggesting changes and asking me questions, so I guess the time has come when I would have to run each blog with her before publishing!)

Photo Courtesy- Merida from the movie BRAVE, Watercolour by J

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  1. Hello Chandrima Di,it was really nice to read your blog after such a long time. Didn't look at your recent articles on Womensweb, thanks for the links :)