Monday, March 23, 2015

Relocate, Reset and Restart

 Disclaimer: A story written by J from her recent experiences in life...                  

“What?" I yelled almost dropping the plates in my hands. “Careful with the plates J.” My mother warned me.
“How can you think about plates when we are going to move to Chennai!” I asked.
“I told you she wouldn’t take it well.”  My mother sighed to my father.
Great. Now they were doing what all parents do, talk to each other about their child as if the child is a fly on the wall.
Stomping to my room, I slammed the door behind me completely forgetting about my job of unloading the dishwasher.
Switching on my music gear, I lay down on the bed and thought things through.
I suppose everyone do this at some or another point of their lives, after weeks and months of surging through life you just take a break and think.
And that’s what I was doing. I just kept thinking.
Chennai is a huge place; it’s very unlikely that we would find a small and bountiful place like our present place-NSA over there. We’ll most probably live in one of those huge societies where there are hundreds of kids with whom it’ll be very difficult to form a friendship. I mean with so many kids around, everyone must already have a best friend, right?
Why does this always happen to me? I make friends in one place and whoosh we have to relocate.
Just then my mother walked in, probably to call me for dinner, and I took the opportunity to ask, “Do we have to move?”
She sighed she had been expecting this. “Yes, Yes we do. Your father and I think the change will be good.”
Oh Whoop-di-do, let all leave our friends and go to an alien planet, the change will be good for us! Not.
My mother seemed to guess what I was thinking and said, “Look we’re moving if you like it or not. Just accept it.”
Accept it? No way was I going to accept it. In fact I’m going to keep hoping that we’re going to stay in NSA until I board the plane.

Saying bye to my friends was the worst part. I didn’t say bye to them until the very last minute I could be with them. My social life was always grouped into two halves; school friends and home friends.
I thought it’ll be worse saying bye to my home friends than my school friends but as it turned out it was just as bad saying bye to my school friends.
I was pretty close to the boys in my life; I mean our relationship (ugh, came out wrong) was normally bickering about things like which biscuit company was best.
Yes. We bickered about biscuits. Got a problem? No. Thought so.
And the girls… well we shared everything that happened in our life with each other. So they knew everything about me.
I’ll miss my home too. Over here I had a tiny and cosy apartment.
I’ll miss this place.
Well I’ll just have to Reset don’t I, and start again and make new friends. And get comfortable around my new apartment.
Lets hope there’s a good library over there. Books only can be my life-line now.

The last few days in NSA flew, literally flew by.
One day all our belongings were packed in boxes the next day they were loaded on the truck and being carried of to the new city. And all of a sudden we were boarding a plane.
I cried the whole 2 hr journey, sure I had my music gear and a few (7 actually) new books I got as parting gifts to read but they just numbed my pain, sort of like painkillers.
The pain was always the starting -people who relocated a lot knew that- it was the starting of a new chapter in my life.
A new city, new friends, new surroundings - A new Restart!


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