Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's day Special- My top 10 Mommy Bloggers

With the arrival of Mother's day-digital world was getting loaded with Mother's day messages. There are Facebook stories, Mother's day sales, and then Google Doodles. Mother symbolises a super selling commodity of emotion and sentiments. Proud Fathers are unfortunately little behind in this emotional race. Motherhood is a 24/7 job with no retirement or pension and they say that returns are priceless. Once a mother is always a mother and and from being a cool woman she slowly turns into a worrying, nagging, old fashioned mother for her kids! Yeah, I too am.
It is 11 years of motherhood for me and my learning curve is still very steep, no diapers or potty training anymore, but new challenges are creeping in. A pre-teen can be a baby, toddler, teenager and an adult all with in a 24h timespan!
With my mother being always far far away, my rescue routes comes from other mothers residing close to me, alongwith telephone calls to my ma, I continuously make string based searches to Google (easy art and craft idea for 3 year old), (baking marble cake with  kids) etc.
Since first year of parenting , these questions to google has opened up a galore of many Indian mommy bloggers to me, they have become a source of inspiration, friends, and co-passenger for me in the journey of parenting. I wonder whether I never looked for or I never found any Indian Daddy Blogger out there but these mommy bloggers have become my friends with time.
Here is my list of top 10 Indian Mommy bloggers who made my parenting journey a little  easier. These Mommy Bloggers are more real than the all perfect, always ready to sacrifice types the media or advertisement campaigns portray them. These mommy bloggers are resourceful,  work hard, crib, feel guilt, laugh out loud, follow their hobbies, have friends and chill out along with being a Mom.

1. The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker: I used to be in Germany, pregnant, and desperately looking for some writings from Indian contemporary women. I came across the blog of Indian home maker and am reading her blogs since then. I had conversation with her through comments and I respect her a lot for her ability to live life in tough moments and tell the truth about conditioning of Indian women, being the voice of Indian women and the society that entraps her.

2. A Mad Tea Party: The foodie and a new cook in me in another country, and in another time  used to search for different recipes. I stumbled on this blog. I loved the get up and neatness of the blog immediately and started reading through its pages, I got stuck with the complete Indian  flavour of the blog with major emphasis on the Kashmiri cuisine. The blogger is a mother and an architect and a detail oriented cook. Her writing gives you the recipe of the food and its ambiance too. I have wrote her mails and got replies too during a confused period of my parenting. Its been years I am reading her blog, she writes less now a days but how I cherish every new blog that comes out.

3. One Hot Stove: This is another nugget in my blog reading list. She is an all rounder, good cook, compulsive reader, quilt maker, crochet artist. She writes like she is writing in a diary, more like taking notes, lots of information, dashed with little hint of personal stories. She is a very organised blogger and I know that at end of every month she would put a monthly round up for sure. We converse on food and books. Her little daughter and cute dog are charm to be read about.

4. Bong Mom's Cookbook: Her blog is already a book (just like the Julie and Julia of the hollywood movie fame!). She has a great sense of humour and can attract the readers in a very cool way. Her blog talks about daily life of an expat Indian mother and that can connect any another Indian expat mother out there.
Her food descriptions are great and takes you the world of childhood. Being a Bong, I connect little more to her blogs. With a new baby on my lap, her blogs used to inspire me as an expat mother. Now I have her book too. I have never seen her but she is such a friend, we share messages and comments all the time.

5. R's Mom: She is a blogging machine and each of her blog brings a smile on your face. She gave me the glimpses on living in a big city of India even before I saw the city on my own. She is a very sensitive mother and that bonds immediately with her readers. She is a true multi-tasker and always bubbling with energy. I admire the amount of work she wraps in a days time. Her blog is a true chronicle of urban Indian working mothers of today.

6. Artsycraftsymom: I had a craft loving pre-primary kid.  As an indian mother I kept searching for craft ideas close to India for my J. Artsycraftsy mom came to my rescue. She has created a wonderful art and craft resource for all the Indian mothers spread out all over the world. Her blog has grown exponentially since the time I am following her.  I am sure this blog will take another dimension in coming yours.

7. Saffrontree: I don't know since when reading is one of my favourite pastime,  thanks to my mom for that and thanks to the fact that I did not have distraction of internet and multiple channels dedicated to kids. When J was 2, I could immediately see that TV or internet was grabbing her attention immediately and I had to find ways for her It was important for me to create love for reading in her, that could be bridge for us for years to come.  An incidental discovery of Saffrontree (maintained by a bunch of Mommy bloggers)  turned out to be my resource for years for books to read out loud for J and then to give her to read. This is an excellent site for new and not so new mothers to find eclectic choices of books relevant for their kid's age along with the interviews of several authors.  I could find many contemporary books written by Indian authors which both J and I enjoyed reading for separate reasons.

8. Women at work: She is another blogger whose book is a bestseller (Lady you are not a man) and a must read for Indian working women. I first read her book and then crawled to her blog. She is a super successful professional but can still feel the  reality of immense struggle that an Indian woman put in to merely stay in the jungle gym of career and jobs. She keeps pointing out these topics in her blog and have given a lot of tips to them in her book. I find her book to be an Indian version of "lean In".

9. Nischala Murthy Kaushik: Another super blogger who has a multiple columns and is constantly writing for Indian women at work. How to continue and cope with the struggle of balancing work and life. How to move forward and take that extra plunge into the career. Her blog is a new entry in my reading list but she is truly an influencer for working women in India who is constantly reinventing her media savviness and bringing new thoughts for Indian working women.

10. Everything Official About it: Last but not least, this blog is a lovely read with all sorts of topics that wanders inside a woman's mind. She is hilarious and until recently hers was my go to blog whenever I felt  grumpy and horrid. I admired her immensely as a blogger, and then I came to know her personally and she is a profound writer, she writes books for children, young adults and adults as well.  Her book Mayil will not be quiet, is both my daughter's and my favourite. My sister loves reading her articles too. She has excellent sense of humour and immediately connects to  the entire genre of young women professionals to new moms. She has stopped writing on this blog unfortunately as she doesn't get time now a days, hope she will soon comeback. I know our kids need to read more books written by her but I truly want her to keep writing on the blog too!

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