Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunetra Gupta

"Sunetra Gupta, an expert in theoretical epidemiology and a writer based at the University of Oxford, has been chosen for the Rosalind Franklin Award by the Royal Society in recognition of her work in the field of infectious diseases.

The Kolkata-born academic is one of the four Oxford academics recognised by the Royal Society in its 2009 Awards, Medals and Lectures."

This small news snippet in was enough to provoke me to google her name.

It was like finding a treasure to find a very well maintained website of Prof. Sunetra Gupta exhibiting multiple aspects of her personality of being a successful scientist, mathematician, writer and a mother of two too.
I constantly search for inspiration from other persistent professional women to learn from their lives and keep myself motivated in the 24/7 business of science. I am sure Dr. Sunetra Gupta's achievements will inspire many of us in our forward journy.

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