Sunday, July 19, 2009

What shall I do now mum?

My 5 and half year old normally goes to a holiday club during her summer holiday as I go for work. But today was an exception. Her holiday club was closed for some reasons and I took off today to stay with her. We made plans to go out as soon as we finished our breakfast and decided to roam around the market street of our very small town. But then very soon we found that the day is going to be a windy and rainy summer holiday. We were sad as our plans got sabotaged by nature. My daughter started asking immediately " Mum what shall I do now ?" Although to distract her for that moment I let her watch a bit of children's television channel but I started searching ways in my mind to keep her busy for the whole day without taking much help from my emergency non personalised baby sitters (Television and Computer).
We decided to make a list of activities for the whole day. I also suggested her that she can draw them and I can spell them for her to write. So we spent 45 minutes in making a list.
In the list we agreed upon learning English, Maths and Science, making some craft. Prepare a meal and eat together. Drawing and colouring. Little bit of television and computer after lunch. Listening to stories from cassette player. Jumping and hopping from one room to another, playing hide and seek. Dressing up and playing a Princess. Tidying up. Dinner. Washing. Bedtime story reading and sleep.
She put the list on the refrigerator door and it was fun to see how she was running to strike off each task after finishing them except the last which I struck off now!
The day went by much faster than I thought and was a pleasant break for us from our daily schedule. I was immensely happy to see that my daughter today successfully learned an essential technique for women i.e., to make a "To-do List".

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