Sunday, September 6, 2009

Indo-British cuisine

In Scotland, Indian (more generally South Asian) cuisine has taken an independent identity. Tandoori, Korma, Balti, Jalfrezi, Rogenjosh, Vindaloo, Tikka and Bhuna are famous non vegetarian flavours, available as curry pastes in bottled forms (Pataks, Sherwood are more common brands among many others) in almost all the supermarkets. Vegetarian dishes includes ingredients for Saag Aloo, Chole or Lentil soup. Sometimes fuly prepared tinned version of these food items are also available. I have noticed local people buying Naan bread, a curry mix bottle, Poppadoms and basmati rice for their weekly shopping. Different kinds of pakoras more famously known as "bhajjis" and samosas are available everywhere. Pickles from Mango or mixed vegetable and chutneys from tomato or tamarind are well known and well eaten. Indian restaurants are in plenty here. After travelling a bit towards north of Scotland and also south of England I must say that the scenario is same all over UK. I being an Indian myself find it quite overwhelming seeing so much effect of South Asian cuisine on the people here who are living in a completely different climate and geography. A strong impact of then colonism and now globalisation though.

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