Thursday, August 27, 2009

L'oreal award for Women in Science

Found this very inspiring booklet called "L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Booklet" in Science.
The booklet contains stories of several successful women scientists from all around the world and specially of those who are working from or for developing countries like Pakistan, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Romania.
The scientists have shared their science and their happiness on being able to pursue the career they had dreamt for. Many prize recipient are also mothers of young children and accepted the fact that there are times when balancing between scientific career and family becomes extremely challenging as both demands equal attention at same time window. But all of them insisted that strong will power, hard work, proper time management, social support and persistence can help young women to move forward and get success in their endeavour. They also mention the benefit after receiving the award on their career through international collaborations.
The booklet includes a list of helpful resources at the end for women who are looking for a career in science or engineering.
"L'oreal award for women in science" undoubtedly encourages women scientist all over the world to open up their scientific achievements to the world.
More booklets like this are welcome which can be very interesting read for all struggling women scientists.


  1. ...from or for developing countries...
    ... like... does not include even India! Is India more developed now?

    Finally also clicked on the link. The cover page photo was interesting.

  2. Yes of course this award includes India. There has been few Indian women scientists who have received this award before. But this year unfortunately no one is from India