Friday, November 6, 2009

Special people in guise of ordinary faces

Saturday morning, time to take my daughter to swimming (well mostly) and while watching her learning something which I don't know myself I also get some chance to talk with other parents or grandparents. Last Saturday one granny was sitting beside me and like many others, she asked me from where I am? I said from India, Calcutta; she repeated o Kolkata! I was little surprised and asked her how did she know so well about India? She replied she has three daughters from India. She have four children of her own and she has adopted three girls from India. They are in universities now.
I am sure she must have noticed the feeling of respect arising on my face. I was very much touched by the normal tone she was talking as if what she has done is no big deal.
May be I meet this person again but I must say the first meeting with this person will be etched in my long term memory profile.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! did you meet this lady again?
    i wish i had met her too!