Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kajol: A superhit housewife

My Name is Khan (Courtsey:

Yes whole nation is waiting for the big Bollywood (or Hindi cinema) release of 'My name is Khan' day after tomorrow! Lead casts are our favourites from the time of DDLJ. They gel naturally and we see them seldom thus our anticipation keep rising. Both online and offline media are busy covering several issues related with this release.

Inspite being consistent Shahrukh Khan fan my attraction for this movie is Kajol. She is looking extremely well toned, charming and beaming with confidence now-a-days. Pronnoy Roy from NDTV once commented on her that she is actually a housewife and once in a while comes out to do movies which becomes block busters of those years! So very true.

Some people may criticise about her being a superhit as an overhyped, good luck, well planned and strong support structure (SRK and Karan Johar are her best buddies!) phenomenon. But over the years reading a lot about her and hearing her interviews it only made me believe that she is a self made woman and she would be a superhit anyways.

Family Woman (Courtsey:

Here are some of the reflections I have gathered about her personality and living style and I learn a lot from them:

I saw a photo of her engrossed in  knitting in between a film shooting, so unknown of heroines; and this is called pursuing a strong hobby !

In one interview she said she thinks twice to sing english nursey rhymes for her daughter as most of the rhymes are so violent (breaking legs, falling in the well etc.). Learn not only to follow the convention but question them too!

When asked for about her decision of marriage at the peak of her career and staying away from movies during first few years of her motherhood she has replied confidently she has always done that what she thought was correct for her at that point of time. She laughingly calls herself narrow focussed one track mind !

She stayed away from shooting feature films to raise her daughter for some years but she was always there acting in small yet effective ways and showed her versatilty, seriousness and love for her job by doing some famous  Ad films. Show the market that you are very much there !

Keep working in your own way (Courtsey:

Amidst of most of the Bollywood heroines who are known for their well calculated, diet planned, hush hush living style there stands Kajol as a breeze of fresh air, who dares to stay out of the rat race whenever she wants and whenever she comes back she comes with a bang !

In her own words as she says where there is a will there is a way...

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