Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three snowmen went to school

A story told by my six year old daughter 'J' to me  during one of the bedtime story session that we have every night. I found the story to be very well crafted, thoughtful and funny.  I am sharing this story with you just the way 'J' told to me.

Once upon a time there were three snowmen who lived in Greenland. There name was Tik, Pik and Nik.
They used to play, throw snow at each other,  roll in the snow and have lots of fun.

But one day they got bored of doing all this stuff. They were sitting on the snow and were thinking what to do? Then Pik suggested we should go to school, then Nik said school is boring. Listening to this,  Pik said we should go to school because we need to learn reading and writing and lots of other things to do. All three of them agreed.

 Then they went to look for a school. They walked and walked and then they found a school.
It was called "Snowmen's Icy Cold School".

The three snowmen thought that the school will be cold and will be good for them. Then they went inside and saw lots of little snowmen and one teacher snowman. They were very happy. They went through the corridors. But then they started to melt, and within few minutes they were melted completely.

But how the other snowmen  did not melt in the school ?  Because they were children and teacher  dressed up as snowmen!

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