Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where is the time to kiss?

Today before bidding goodnight to 'J' I commented her that now- a- days I am almost not getting any kiss from her.

She listened, sighed and replied, " Mama, you are right but where is the time to kiss?"

She continued,  "In the morning we wake up little late and then I hurry up for my breakfast and you drink your tea, then we get ready and run to school.
Then the whole day we are doing lots of work and are not with each other.
After coming back home we need to do loads of stuff, I need to finish my home works and you do cooking and other things.
Then you hurry me up to do the chores like  packing the school bag and tidying up the room.
Then we eat,  brush our teeth,  read a story and go to sleep.
We are not together that much and we don't have much time. So where is the chance to kiss you mum?"

I saw her, amazed and shocked listening to her interpretation of her busy schedule.
I hugged her tight and gave her a big kiss.
I hold her little hands and justified that it doesn't matter how less we are together or how busy we are we need to absolutely find time and chance to kiss.

I promised her that from tomorrow we will be more careful and we will of course find ways to kiss, cherish and compliment each other's presence.


  1. Agar time nahi hai, to nahi hai! Kiss nahi hai, to nahi hai! Will it pay off to make it a part of the other things that we do because we should or we have to do? Why not let the natural things remain natural? In my opinion, it's great to see 'J' interpreting the busy schedule in her own way, but using that as a reason for not kissing is an excuse. You don't need half an hour for a kiss, kisses can be given any time during the numerous things you do together, except for brushing the teeth, may be. Period.

    Also, why complain that nowadays you are not getting any kiss from her? Rather give her twenty kisses, you will get nearly twenty back as well. :) 20-20.

    A minor question: don't the British people interpret having tea as "taking tea" instead of "drinking"?

  2. More minor questions: don't you sleep together? Do people sleeping together side by side also bid goodnight to each other? You'd get to see each other as many times as you open your eyes in the night...

  3. Finally found the time to read your weblog and found this was so recognizable. We just run around doing our daily routines and we forget that it takes very little time to give a hug, a kiss or a compliment to our loved ones. So, I try to remind myself often to give a little love to them and yes, they return it tenfold!

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  5. Thank you both of you

    Inverted images, exactly, we do give lots of kisses and hugs to each other, but I just asked her that night meaning that she is growing up and her physical need for me is decreasing. But listening to her explanation I felt it is necessary as a mother to tell my child not to take people around you for granted, no body knows how long are we together, so as long as we are together we should appreciate that no matter how busy our lives are. We adults also often forget that isn't it?

    In UK having tea means taking evening dinner! I have asked some people why is it so? May be because earlier times people used to have real dinner at about 4 p.m. and at 8 p. m. they used have some snacks with tea.
    So now having dinner has merged with drinking tea!