Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Afternoon- Paper Batik

Five days, of the week i.e. from Monday to Friday we live a  minimalist life, our lives circle around going to Work/School, coming home, basic cooking/homeworking, regular washing and cleaning and then a little elaborate bedtime with some storybooks and talking about the whole day. Saturday flies between swimming  lessons (for my daughter), shopping, cooking, socialising  and weakly cleaning. Finally it  is only on the Sunday afternoon when we Mother-Daughter duo get some unplanned free time.

It is like those little extra pocket money we used to get sometimes from our parents just as a surprise. In this 3-4 hours of time gap often I am tempted to have a solid after-lunch nap (Bhat ghum in Bengali) and my daughter wants to see T.V (with null interruption from her Mum).
But there are some days (trying to increase the number!) when we also try to do something different and funny together. No studies, No TV, No nap, No chores but something else.
Her best friend accompany us sometimes.

Last Sunday we tried some
We manipulated little bit on the method according to our choices and needs but overall it worked out nicely.
Two girls and I enjoyed a lot colouring with crayon and then making a crumble of our hard work!
It was Valentines day so my daughter decided to draw a walking heart and her friend drew houses, streets, flowers etc.
I remain sticked to conventional flowers for the first one and then some geometries later on.

Finally we made cards by sticking the pictures on construction papers.
We chatted  and laughed a lot while doing our work and I was feeling happy that I need not to say for the first time in the whole week that "hurry up 'J' we are getting late"!  

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