Monday, April 26, 2010

A little chit-chat

It is Sunday evening, the small hand of the living room clock is about to touch 9 and the big hand is somewhere between 8 and 10, I am desperately trying to fix the after dinner kitchen scenario and also trying to plan a little for dreadful Monday morning and then came my little 'J' with a confident mood for a little chit-chat to expand (I cannot find any better word; help me if you find any!) her weekend, and here it goes:

'J':  Mummy lets solve some problems.
Me (my hands cleaning the kitchen top randomly):  Shoot;
'J':  What does shoot mean?
Me:  It is another words for ask (after thinking a while that she should not use such slangs at school), but it is used more between mum and kids.
'J':  Okay here is the problem:
Myra and Mira were twins and Myra is 7 year old. Once their mother gave them  a basket of 10 apples each. Myra bumped to you and you were very greed and took all her apples, Mira bumped on Daddy and he was little greedy and took half of Mira's apples and then she bumped on me and I took all the left overs.
Now tell me how old is Mira?
Me:  7 years (proud to be able to answer her question for a change)!

'J':  Bravo mamma! Here comes the next;
Me (stopped cleaning and sat with her on the sofa):  Okay, I am ready.
'J':  Myra's mother has 5 kids, and they are called, Mira, Ira, Lira and Strawberry, what is the name of the fifth kid?
I (smiled) and answered it right too!

Me:  Now it is my chance, Mummy has lots of work to do and it is quarter to 6 p.m in the office, she need to reach the after school club at 6 to pick up her daughter, else the club will get close, what shall she do?
'J':  Call a Taxi, it is eezy peezy lemon sqeezy!

Me:  Very good! Now next one and difficult one:
Mum will go back to her homeland and what if she doesn't get a job there, what shall she do?
'J':  What you always say to me, try again and don't give up!

Me (Hugging her tightly and forgetting that the clock struck 9):  Thank you 'J' for boosting up my energy.
'J':  What does boosting mean?
Me (taking her in arms and lifting her up in the air, and she giggling in the same way as she did when she was 6.5 months old):  Boosting means lifting high up in the air!

Finally our weekend ends.

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