Thursday, May 13, 2010

When innocence speaks-II

You have read the first one and smiled and here the innocence continues:

Mum: 'J' why do you always mess up everything in your room? Why is it always untidy?
'J': No, mamma I don't mess up, I always try to find something like my doll's shoes and while searching for it the room gets messed up.


'J': Mummy when we eat food, is there a tunnel inside our mouth to take the food to the tummy or the food just drops into the tummy like a ball?


'J' : From today I need to count all the hugs and kisses I am giving you and then I will give them plus 100 when papa will be visiting us, otherwise you are getting more hugs and kisses than papa.


I asked 'J' to make sentences with some words, and here are the sentences (there were many spelling mistakes of course)

Girl: You can play with another girl.
Pen: You can write with a pen.
Car: You can ride a car.
Nails: You can scratch with your nails!

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