Sunday, August 22, 2010

On blogging, blogosphere and other bloggers

I started Blog-e-zine as is already mentioned in "blogeria" more like a diary, to put down my thoughts, concerns, experiences and leanings. The idea was fueled me being adjusting in a new kind of life, living alone just for work with 'J'. Yes  although already in my thirties, this was still my first attempt to stay absolutely alone (well with 'J' though) very far away from my family and trying to do something of my own along with taking the full responsibility of 'J'. Although I always thought I am the primary caregiver for 'J' but after starting to live alone with her I realized how much involvement her dad had in her life. The attempt was a very  temporary one and with a proper arrangement from my husband to visit us whenever he can. But still it was an unusual set up for me. So while settling into this  temporary feeling of living for myself I wanted to talk, yes, you guessed it right,  I love talking. Sadly, I was not allowed to do that as single living also brought lots of responsibilities waiting to be finished in time. No extra hand was there to finish up the undone stuff from mine as I was used to before. But my bubbly mind will not understand that, and it would like to bubble out, hence I started pouring all the blobs of my random thoughts in this e-zine, I named it e-zine of blogs - 'Blog-e-zine'.

I started with baby steps and along with writing my stories I also got started to know about others out there  in the blogosphere who are also writing down their thoughts. On the way I got hooked by several of them, you can see them in the "blog crawling" section. I started visiting their blogs regularly. Some blogs were from known faces and most were unknowns. A new kind of acquaintance was growing, where I started understanding/liking another bloggers just from the thoughts s/he is pouring in his/her virtual space. I started admiring them, learning from them silently. And unknowingly I started longing for the stories they were going to tell next. And you know what, the stories started affecting me in their own way.

IHM is one such marvelous blogger, I became her fan the first time I read her. She is a proud feminist and that touched my chord too. She is a strong woman and you understand it reading just few posts from her blog. But recently I was stunned by a great loss she had to go through and how strongly she faced it.  She lost her 19 year old daughter due to dengue fever. IHM, however has accepted life very boldly. I bow to her strengths. I pray for her and her little princess.

Being  an Indian and mother myself, after reading her last post I kept asking myself; how long we will keep loosing lives because of very curable diseases like Dengue and Malaria even in a country who is among the fastest developing ones, who is the biggest producer of generic  drugs, who is a popular destination for medical tourism? Yes, population we have a lot, but cannot we do little more on the topics of hygiene, safety and awareness?

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