Saturday, September 4, 2010

Going back to the roots and packing my wings for a while

Relocation, is not a new word for me, actually this is around 20th time I am moving place and third time I am changing country. Yes returning back to my own one this time. The one, I left 10 years ago in search of wider world. So how am I feeling actually?

When I came here I used to cross each months as passed targeting the month of December which was time to visit home. Then slowly a second home got created there were we worked, had kid and made friends. I  could now cook my own version of "biriyani" and so my new home started smelling close  to the home I left. And then one day I discovered that I am habituated, of the long distance phone calls, missing Durga pujas, family occasions and of the life in my new home. But there was never a doubt about returning back and I always thought that would be the best time of my life.

Now standing on the edge of the actual moment, truly speaking I am feeling happy and little jittery, all the same, a same kind of feeling as I was going through when I left India.  Home has become little distanced now. When I go for holidays there I see an another India, not the slow paced, non ambitious one which I left, but a very hip, smart, hardworking, money minded and little bit hurried one. No one has time at home or on the roads. I felt little alienated then.  I understood that I might need some tiny amendment of me when I will return back.

Also these 10 years in Europe has engraved some shuttle habits in me, like a delicate cheese called Brie, or a clean road with footpath, or a sense of extreme safety as an individual. This sense is the biggest gift I think Europe gave me apart from providing me knowledge of a very rich culture.  Germany has provided me his sense of organization, perfection, punctuality and sticking to the words once said. United kingdom is yet another story, their trading capacity is unbelievable. British korma and chutneys are something I will carry long with me (though they took them from India but now they have given them a new identity, only sticking to the old names). This long expat life was an excellent learning process.

But now I have to pack up all these learning and go back to my home . For 'J' she will be moving to her motherland, leaving her homeland behind, I guess. I know she will manage, just like her mum had managed for 19 times! Also  I am very optimistic that for their generation the sense of foreign will be more blurred. Future jobs will be more nomadic in nature so hopefully this childhood memories will help 'J' in future.

God has blessed me with great privilege to wander in this earth, I hope even though, I am going back to my roots now, I will get chance to unpack my wings again at least for some short flights.


  1. Welcome home... Have a safe journey... Amen!

  2. Hi...
    Yes, getting back to your roots is a wonderful thing. From my personal experience, you will find that you will perhaps take a few weeks to adjust after the shift back, but soon you will feel like you had never really left.
    As you rightly said, you are going to find that India has changed a lot since the time you left it- thankfully not all of these changes are bad! :)
    When are you reaching India?

  3. wonderful, moving is what we did then and thts what we do now, regarding the change of place its in you blood and J will learn it from her mother.
    sometimes i dread about returning back and not finding how the things were back when i left but the think positive and be optimistic is all i can go bk to. so have a safe journey.