Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Education; Only for a profession or for character building too?

Yes, I think I am very old fashioned, in that way. In my mind it is etched out that;
A teacher is a person who teach, is very polite,  can be bantered by others, but remains calm.
A doctor is a person who will dedicate his life to sick people,  he will like to do that on his own.
A scientist, who is in search of knowledge, who is impractical in materialistic world, who is to find out new ways for the society.
A  politician is to lead the society, towards an equal apolitical society.

It can be a question that, on having the above qualities people will choose their profession, or the education and the profession will weave these characters into the professionals.

Yes, all these vague ideologies I think about, but from long ago, in my make-believe world. Of course things don't run using ideologies, or theories, it is a rude world out there with sprinkles of goodness (or show of goodness) here and there. Anyway, that did not alter my belief and with that I kept moving on different places and countries. I found some places where the dignity of labor  and definition of a profession is quite maintained and some places where it is still not there.

I found at some places, kids grow up saying I love animals therefore I will become a veterinary doctor. They don't care about the money they will earn as that is taken care by the social system, his parents does not care about dignity of that job, as that society don't bother about a job and its status, as more or less all jobs are paid well to fulfill the needs of life. Off course there also is a world of millionaires and billionaire, but after that every one are more or less middle class.The class that builds a country.

I found other places where a child never get a chance to know whether he loves animals or not, he does not complain, he keep going the path he is provided with. He sits for exams after exams in each year of school, write memorized sentences on  cleanliness, environmental pollution,  gender equality, human rights but never really get the time and is never ever asked to practice those or at least think on those.  He concludes that these terms are just for exams, he is satisfied that he did good in exams, buys a chocolate bar on the way to home eats it up and throws the wrapper on the road. 

Then he gives really big exams upon finishing his school, these exams decides if he can become a doctor or an engineer or something else. As these are the jobs which will give him enough money and the required respect in the society he lives. If he gets through these exams, Oh! that is wonderful, his parents will directly jump on to the level of achievers and he will be called a success of the education system. 

If he does not get through these exams then, well then he can become a lawyer, professor, government employee, manager, teacher or a veterinary doctor may be. But mind you, all of those who are set out to become these don't know whether they have interest in these fields or not, they go for these either because they get a chance to study these or because they did not get chance to study something else.

So year after year bunches of professionals (for different fields) come out who are educated to become that. They eventually get a job and settle down, their parents get happy and eventually move on to the level of achievers. 

And those bunches of professionals make peace with their jobs, after all jobs are to get paid, get fame, to look after their family and to fulfill the material needs of their lives. With making peace, they start to look around each other and start comparing  with other professionals. They are educated to get a degree but no one never told them to respect others, create place for others, understand  others or include others. They are taught to stay 'ahead' of others and then boast for it. 

They are not taught to be inclusive, not only at school but  also at home, by the society or the media. All are asking them to move up or ahead, and then look down or back and don't bring your hands out to hold other's hand but keep them in pocket and laugh out loud. 

They are all educated but characters they don't have. They never got time to build that. They were running hard to join the band wagon of achievers. They did whatever possible to do for that.

By this time another generation of children are born, the question remains same;
Education; Only for a profession or for character building too?

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