Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to the nearby fishing villages

Once upon a time, when we used to live in a small town, near north sea in Scotland, it was a Saturday morning, with no particular shopping, chores or things to do, or may be there were so many things to do that we were not bothering to start on something, progressing and finishing them. But on the other hand we were looking for an escape. An escape that won't cost extra, an escape that won't require planning, an escape that won't be indoor wandering inside a big building called a supermarket, an escape that won't be putting a DVD inside the box and watch it running for next 3 hours, an escape where we can relish all our senses. 

So, we started to think hard, I made two cups of Tea (Black one!) for us and gave a bowl of Cornflakes and milk to 'J' in between and started to think again. We thought this and we thought that. Then we decided why not we get dressed, walk to the nearest bust stop, buy a day long family bus ticket, travel the full route of the bus,  hop out whenever we feel like and hop in when we want to go to the next place.  That bus no. 95 took us to the nearby villages and we found so many gems, which I never bothered to care for and look around, before. And little I knew then, that particular day in my memory will be one of the most colorful and rich days for several months.

On the very picturesque way along the sea, we saw the fields laced with green plantation of corn and wheat. We found a wind mill far away standing alone near the sea,  we saw the metal crosses seeking out from the unknown churches belonging to small villages, where mostly the architectures are still kept like they were hundreds of years ago, mostly made up of stones.

First we went to a pottery shop, it was a nice little shop with nice cordial people, eager to show their things and tell about how they make them, but there was no air of competitiveness and ego. They have a small and steady clientele, and some times a tourist or two drop in their shop buy some small items, they don't want more than that. This pottery is run by a a family, a trend becoming so rare to see now a days. 

Although it was a summer day, but it was a mix of a sunny and a dusky day,  it also rained at intervals but we managed to stay inside bus or a restaurant whenever it rained! I don't know how the journey would be if it was sunny but the greyness of that day gave an extra charm to the surroundings we were in. 

We walked down the small harbor of the town, saw the seagulls floating with ease on the waves, of whatever heights they were, sea gulls were not tensed, they were floating on them just like that. 

Then it was lunch time already so while wandering through we found  a small cafe, run by team of father and daughter. Daughter is also an artist and there were pictures on the wall for sale, made by the daughter. Though the lunch was a normal Scottish affair of sandwich and crisps (potato chips which are called crisps in UK, french fries are called chips there as in 'Fish and chips') but sitting inside an art gallery shop and having lunch, it was just great!

Next we took the bus again and went to the last stop as 'J' fall asleep on the way after lunch. We went down and 'J' was also awake by then and we took the return bus, then we hopped out in another town. We went to the sea, pondered for a while, found a light house standing lonely and many people having relaxing weekend under the sun, yes sun was out at this time. 'J' made sand castle, 'J's papa got lost into the waves, 'J' got lost into the waves and I found see weeds and sand dune patterns and yes I also got lost into the waves!
We again took the bus and dropped in yet another village where we hopped out in search of a special chocolate cafeteria, we found art exhibition to be going on in the town and not restricted to one gallery but to several small galleries spread all around the town in the form of small space, some where huddled with lots of art and craft pieces, some where canvas paintings were kept very neatly, some where hanging treasures like wind chimes made up of metal, wood, beads and sequins. Although a small town but we figured out that the exhibition is quite famous and there were brochures being distributed. We also saw that there was a small fair was going on, where people were chatting and roaming with utmost relaxation and comfort.
 A village fair were everyone know each other and where police are just there to complete the affair. 'J' was very enthusiastic to see the fair and bought her favorite pink colored candyfloss and a candy. We bought popcorn and kept walking saw a church on the way. After feasting our eyes enough with lots of artistic colors and materials, we went in search of that special chocolate cafeteria which is very famous in that region because of its chocolate based menu card. I had cocoa drink with red pepper and others also had something chocolaty! 
We walked through the alleys close to the sea shore, passed the footpath flooded with rows of a pink colored flower called Rosebay Willowherb, a wild species which is prominently seen during late summer in Scotland. Famous emblem of Scotland-Thistles were also in their full bloom.  We could see that wind mill again, looking marvelous under the warmth of melting sun. We stopped by a play park. We looked down to the town and smiled with satisfaction.

We had a wonderful time, it was a perfect day, we were tired too of walking and watching, we hold each others fingers and came to the bus stop again and this time we were again waiting for the bus no. 95 going in the direction of home, all smiling after a full day of escape.

The places we saw that day were Crail, Elie and Pittenweem belonging to the Fife region of Scotland.  If you ever go to Scotland, or if you live there and if you have a hectic tour or life there, I will highly recommend to keep a day off and trail through east coast side of Scotland. You can also rent a caravan  and have your own mobile house along the coast. These fishing villages are like little pearls  still inside their shells spread through the sea shore, it is worth to watch, touch and listen to the sound of waves  of the sea through them. 

Here is it in Google map.

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