Monday, September 19, 2011

A quick note

Time is flying by. 'J' is growing up, she is also saying funny things almost every day. It is not possible to pen each and every funny moment a child creates in her parents life but here is a quick note of some of her recent tid-bits.

Riddle :
'J': "Can you tell a word that starts with a T ends with a T and has T in it?"
I was taking time.
'J': "Pass mummy, pass..."
I: "Yes, pass."
'J': "Teapot!"

'J': "Why do we need to grow? I don't want to grow. It is boring to be an adult. You need to work a lot as an adult."

Talking with a friend:
'J': "My mother is a medical writer, she writer about medicines."
Her friend: "What does she exactly writes about medicines?"
'J': "Humm... that is a tough question, may be she writes about the ingredients of medicine."

Demand (After 2 hours of TV time):
'J': "Why am I always asked to switch off the TV? You can watch TV as much as you want, then why can't I? This is so unfair!"

It has become extremely difficult to talk with 'J's papa about any topic while 'J' is with us. 'J' is curious to know about every topic we talk about. And then on listening she also need to react or comment. Huff!

After reading a story book, she comes and tells me to read that book. Recently she read a book where the story ends with a death and she was sitting silently for few moments after finishing the book. On asking she told me to read the book. I asked her whether she did not like the book, and she told me that she liked the story, but it had a sad ending. For the first time she read something where she wanted to change the ending and she was concerned for not being able to do that.

'J' is becoming a good playmate for Ludo, cards, chess and so on. She is maturing and developing as a serious player. She is extremely competitive but does not demand anymore to win each time we play.

'J': "Mummy, you are just like strawberry short cake."
I: "Why do you think so."
'J': "Strawberry short cake makes friend everywhere she goes therefore she never get lost in a new place. She just phone a friend living nearby. You will not get lost anywhere."


  1. So Strawberry shortcake writes recipes for medicines? :)

  2. Yes, you guessed it right! Thanks for visiting IHM!