Friday, November 25, 2011

Hi, there

Yes, I am feeling that Blog-e-zine is slipping away from me. I am not able to connect to it as I used to while mothering all single. Strange ha!
Did I have more time then? Or did I notice 'J' more closely then? Or did my physical distance from my family made me write?

Anyway, today I am back in my mind-space as I am all on my own. 'J' has gone for a sleep over (first time after returning to India) and 'J's papa has gone faraway on a work-tour.
On other days I fall fast asleep at this time and today I am all wide eyed and talking with my e-zine at the middle of the night. Today being a friday is even better.

I have recently noticed that 'J' is speaking Hindi, highly accented but she has started blurting out. She is done with her shyness. Thanks to the new day care where she is spending her after-school hours till 6 pm and she is encouraged to speak Hindi. She has also started doing lots of craft again after starting to go in this day care. 'J' loves craft work and at home and school it does not happen that much. I plan, but never get to do it with her on regular basis. 'J' also get busy with other attractions. So now I am happy seeing to be back with her scissors, sticky tape and glue.

We are so much used to of community centre for child-care that we grabbed the opportunity of sending 'J' to day care from the day it got started in our area.

'J' also liked the place from first day. Being older kids they are strong voices in the day care. Little kids love them and wait from them until they come from school. That day 'J' was explaining to me how a little kid in the day care hugs her when she returns from school. She was so proud to show her elder sisterly instinct. An instinct which used to be very common in olden joint family days. Today in a nuclear family scenario these are the golden opportunities for a child to learn sharing,  giving and caring.
I feel that it will become very difficult task for me to spend days after days with people in their eighties with only short options to see any one else of my age,  just the same can be true for kids. Children need other children to learn equality. While living only with their parents or other adults they learn either to obey or to order.
This is my personal opinion and might not hold for you.

Our time to talk with each other has reduced drastically.  In the morning when she goes to school, we don't talk. We act like robots (very sleepy ones). In the evening when we unite again, we all feel so tired (in India the energy level get really low after whole day of work and study) that we just stick to our own shells (reading, T.V. or doing nothing).
Its only in the weekends where we gets time to listen to each other.

'J' has recently started with mystery stories of famous five and all. I was little skeptical as once she  starts reading mystery stories then it will be difficult to make her read anything else. But then in India Enid Blyton is all over, there is no denying her. So let she continue and I will continue with finding other authors for her to read. Recently we got a book on curious George. It is about a curious monkey and the character is quite famous in USA. We did not know him before. 'J' is grown up for the book but she and I loved reading and re-reading the book and the illustrations. I  realized that with 'J' growing up I am also loosing the window of going back into toddler's and small kid's world of books.

'J' has stopped asking me to stay at home during her holidays. She gets up and gets ready to go to the day care. This was unimaginable just 1.5 years ago. 
'J' always notice and says, "hey, Mumma you are home early today". She has stopped complaining when I come late from work.

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