Friday, July 24, 2009

Simple time management tips

Although being very casual about my approach towards life I do believe that time is the most precious property of our life and as we cannot regain it we need to manage it at its utmost whenever possible.
I have developed my own methods on my way to manage time in everyday life and also in our beloved kitchen.
Today being in a Friday evening mood I was planning what to do in the weekend at home and how to organise my work in the week ahead. It helped me to get an idea of the coming deadlines and reschedule some activities properly. While doing all these I also googled to know how others are managing their time bank.
I liked one working mothers idea of hanging the wrinkled clothes on the back of the bathroom door while taking evening shower as it usually flattens the wrinkles well enough. Every working mom knows that those days of wearing crisply ironed clothes everyday are gone and will come back after many years. Check more.
Another idea of "clean as you go" whether it is to do the dishes or to pick up toys from the floor is something which can help to gain few expensive family moments on the weekends. Read more.

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