Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lilawati's Daughters- A Handful from many unknown but remarkable stories

While staying alone, postdocing in Chemistry, caring for a little girl and doing science often waves of negative feeling captures the mind.

A fear of unknown and unsure future, guilty of separating a growing child from her father and a frustration of not able to get the research that much done as it ought to be grasp some of the busy scheduled days of mine. It is a cycle and some times this cycle keep cultivating into my soul for many days.

Just like all the external ones I try to treat this internal challenge with same potion and that is " never give up". So in order to come back into functioning mode I take little time off and do something else, or try looking around, by reading good books or searching for some inspirational stories or personalities. Sometimes having a crafty afternoon with my daughter or lots of typical Indian cooking  also helps.  Thanks Google for making all these so easy now-a-days. While doing this I find many articles, books or websites which become strong anchors for me later.

Today I found a beautiful book called

A wonderful effort made by Indian academy of Science and its initiative for Indian women in science.
Lilawati was daughter of famous Indian mathematician  Bhaskaracharya (12th century) and she herself was also a famous mathematician. Although she was not married but in this book women scientists of India are called as her daughter for being her true legacy.

The book is a remarkable collection of biographical and autobiographical essays from several women scientists of India who have worked and are still working very hard in diverse fields of science and ultimately have created their own niche amidst of many limiting conditions. The articles about pioneering scientists fill our hearts with respect while the stories of todays's scientists gives us the inspiration and ensures us that we are not alone.

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