Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One more unnatural death

Raising kids is a challenging task all over the world every parent know that, but in India the challenge is not only to raise them but to keep them alive, still after over half a century of independence and democratic rule. It is very difficult, to keep them alive. No it is not only  due to polio, cholera, encephalitis, acute malaria, dengue, all curable diseases but  also road accidents, ragging, drug abuse, fights between political parties in colleges, suicides due to academic pressure or just if anyone want to stop road romeos from eve teasing. 

India is though shining you know, India is developing, India is a big name in world map.

Just now I got the news that my cousin brother being found dead under a water body near his engineering college, on the eve of a college function, teachers day I guess. He is was not a fresher, but a third year student.  It can be a result of hot tempered incidental argument, a planned murder or an accident. One other boy is also injured heavily and is in hospital. He might know the real reason. Please pray for him.

I did not see my cousin for many years now and did not have any direct contact with him, I just remember he was a very active and fun loving guy. He could make jokes on anything,  my mother today told me that he was doing very good in studies and was actively participating in several co-curricular activities. Last time when she met with him around 2 months ago, she said, he was looking very smart, healthy and full of life.

In just one night twenty one years of hopes, dreams, care of  a family got lost. My aunt is crying and my uncle cannot even cry as he has to go through all the police formalities of an unnatural death.

In my last blog I mentioned the hurried and money minded syndrome in young India and this is just one example of that fast paced India. There are thousands of such cases, every year we read about deaths from ragging, accidents or suicides in college going kids. I always read those news and felt why but never thought of writing a blog until today when it is not news anymore, this is what happened in my family. 

Nation needs education systems in large numbers, because we have large number of students but is it fine to allow any group or any person who has money to open a engineering/science/management/arts college with no minimum infrastructural quality control. Colleges without proper infrastructure of permanent and well paid teachers, supporting staffs are turning into a political/drug ghettos.  Traveling through  the outskirts of India you can see so many skeletons of buildings in the middle of no where  acquiring a big space, half finished with a big board  saying it is an engineering college with IT, CT and ET (information , computer and electronics technology), and they are not waiting to get started , they are actually functional, they have students who has got admission with large capitation fees, but  teachers  well mostly temporary staff working with very little salary,  most of them waiting to get a call letter from some software company, who is a service provider for other nations.  There is absolute no interest of building students character or providing them resources or guidance to be a good citizen later. Result, cutthroat competition for few company jobs from on-sites campus interviews or  off campus  selection,  most of  the time leading to strikes,  political agitation,  frustration, drug abuse,  and then  deaths too.  The same is true with Management (Business to Hotel) and Mass Communication, Animation, Graphic designing, and several other subjects. This is a wrong way of education.

India cannot you do anything on this?
India can we keep loosing young lives just because we have many of them? Cannot we do anything, each of us little by little, as a parent, as a student, as a education provider, as a police, as a politician?


  1. Yes, now the time has come not to only think, but to act. These nuisance can only stop if people understand the difference between acquiring degree and having education. It's our fault that we could not show the young ones a proper role model. They are confused, frustrated, they really do not know whom to follow, how to succeed. My opinion is, if I can become a perfect role model for even a single student, that also is significant. Only thing people has to do is to be honest, they should make themselves trustworthy, and show the path to the younger ones that, there is no shortcut to success, the lucrative temporary shortcuts are only misleading paths.

  2. came here from IHM's .. so sorry for ur loss.