Monday, January 16, 2012

Some all time inspiring movies

Some movies can be all time favourite for you. There are some movies which are my all time favourites. But there is an another list of movies for me, which are mine all time inspiring movies. There are days, when we all feel low, hopeless and cry-some. Those are the days when I can watch any of these all time inspiring movies and start feeling better, slowly. After that little betterment I find myself not that hopeless, and then I could collect myself once more.
Here are they in no particular order;

Extremely healing for me who loves food, who loves inspiration, who get stuck in not achieved enough in life syndrome, who faces extreme meltdowns. The movie portrays a legend named Julia child and connects it with the life of a regular blogger - Julie Powell in a same canvas. Marvellous movie. A must watch in my list. 

Julia Robert starer, well her presence itself gives a movie an extra edge. Yes I am a Julia Robert fan. The story is about feminism at its budding stage. Feminism in those times when women used to divide on this point, specially in western world. When education was considered en-route to classy and flashy husband. It is wonderful movie and I get charged up watching this whenever I feel isolated and rejected in men's world. Very feminist comment I know, but so be it.

Another Julia Robert starer and a real life story, and this was the first movie DVD which I bought without seeing the prices. This is the only DVD that came with us when we left Europe for India.
Julia Robert is fantastic. Her being working and a parent together and struggling between the two for a quest of meaningful job makes it very loveable for me. I love the mentor who finally believes in Erin Brockovich and gives her required due. Don't we all look for such unbiased, helpful mentors?

I saw this movie in a friends house, I was stuck in some situation at that time and this movie gave the required boost. As a parent, I admire this movie. As a working parent even more. Most working parent don't get enough time for raising their child. They face many situations in life where they choose work over child. Sometimes they want to and some times they had to. This movie relaxes the rules of parenting. This movie showed me how to extend my parenting while walking with my child to school, or while doing some sundry chores with her. This movie also empathised with the situations where a parent have to choose things for their children which they don't admire, be it a day care or a school and it is not always possible to get the best for your child. Actually we never know what is best for our child. The challenge is to rear a child in all possible circumstances in most normal way as we can. 

This movie is an escapade to Tuscany and can be a mood booster anyway. Story of a woman, who looses it all and then gets them back but in a very different place and with different meaning makes the movie even more interesting. I would love to read the book too, but for now I find the movie extremely helpful specially when I feel like sinking and feel afraid.

It is a bengali movie, but a beloved one for me and my family. In rain clad European winters, this movie has given us immense warmth. Several evening after lots of tantrums and cry, I and my daughter used to cuddle over this movie. Titli didi is 'J's  one of the favourite characters and mine too. I love the mother daughter duo in the movie. It is my depression buster when the reason behind depression is parental guilt.

Extremely Bengali and extremely bohemian. I love the edgy storyline and the journey of an Indian woman whose life path is decided by all others but her. This movie also brings alive the colours of interior of a Bengali household. Story tells the lonely struggle of a woman who dares to look outside of her marriage, who finds the eccentricity of her life again upon holding fingers of a stranger. Who falls in love with herself through an extramarital affair. I love this story of an ordinary woman who is then left alone in her life but who decides to pick living for herself. 

Extremely rich, extremely tragic and extremely engaging. This period movie has remained my favourite inspiration for so many years now.  The story is based on the life of a real personality. The story, its sets, costume designs and the actors make the movie collectable for any hindi or Indian movie buff.

And the list might go on with many more, but for today I stop here.

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  1. best pick , Julie and Julia is best among all of these .