Thursday, November 5, 2015

Between You and I - the art of knowing each other

Its been pretty long we are not keeping our personal accounts J. So what are we waiting for, lets jot down some together time in this time.

Yesterday I was talking about who knows the other better, I was boasting that you  know nothing about me and I am so knowledgeable about you. You got up  and before leaving the room in your new casual way you replied, "Mamma, I lived inside you for nine months remember, so I know you inside out!

You have been pushing your limits, pretty much in recent months, you are an outspoken person now, (well you always were with me and your friends but now at school too). I am glad that with changing of city and school you used this opportunity to create a difference in your personality.
You are raising hands more often than not. Your teacher is very inclusive and the school believes in having fun while arranging events and not in having perfect events! Very important for growing up.

You have friends and you still miss your old friends - a state of mind I am afraid you will always have in your life. So enjoy making new friends and stay connected with the old ones. I know you want to have one best friend forever (BFF) like they show in the stories but you know what it is equally fun to have many friends each related to a specific slice of your life. Connecting with them occasionally reminds you of that part of life.
Yes but you are right it is really cute and lucky to have a BFF.
I would suggest you to follow the same pattern with finding mentors too!

When your new friends started coming home every evening to call you, or to chit-chat with you over the weekends, to speak the truth, I was little nervous. I believe in the principle of being friendly with my kid's friends and till now I managed to do that very well. I could always become the friendly and  funny anuty for your friends.
Here, in this place I was little unsure as your new friends are all grown ups and not the 6-7 year old primary school goers, so  I was wondering my "Come kids lets bake cake baking strategy" would work this time.

Phew - it worked! Your friends and you proved it again

"To grow old is mandatory but to grow up is optional"!