J and her Mum

J and her Mum are just like any other daughter and Mum duo.
They love each other madly,
they fight with each other very badly too.
They are a team and
they love to share their stories with you.

History, Indian, Great Britain, Germany
A push start to read/write/speak-in a new language
How do you read a book to your child?
I don't want my daughter to be blown by these -Indian adverts
Its Christmas right
Working mothers, work tours and their kids
Bedtime conversation
Back to school
Extensions: A sister and a daughter
Binny and her Bean bag
Homecoming -First few days
In the pocket of my little girl
Let her always win or let her cry sometimes
Saturday ritual
This and that
And hence starts the summer vacation
Are cartoons the new cousins?
An Indian and world cup football
Discrete Incidents
My daily dose of counting
Pippi Longstockings-This strongest girl of the world has helped us too
After a long wait
When innocence speaks-II
A little chit-chat
When innocence speaks
What does time mean anyway?
Learning life skills at school
Where is the time to kiss?
Sunday Afternoon -Paper batik
Three snowmen went to school
Mums are meant to say no..
Try to blow those guilt clouds away
What will I do now mum?
Understanding the principles of mothering