Monday, March 7, 2011

My inspiration: My women

My inspiration-My women are like a flow, continuous, gentle, patient, adjusting yet strong, free, imaginative, idealistic and eternal. They are unbelievable! 

She is extremely superstitious, upfront and dangerously direct. She was married when she was 16 and had six children till she got 30. She is a vivid reader, although her brothers were doctor, engineer or lawyer, but she can read only Bengali. Never mind, she has read Ashapurna Devi to Ravindranath Tagore to Bani Basu. She took care that her daughters could do graduation and she pursued her daughter-in-laws for the same. She wants her daughters/DIL to be the best and shining and never shy to criticize them in their face. She never hides her pride about her grand daughters for their post graduations, acquiring jobs and for their love marriages. She keep doing fasting, keep bothering others with her superstitions and hard remarks and keep praying for all her family confined in her small Puja (prayer) room, but she also keep telling the girls of today, who might be her grand child or niece, "Go out, reach out find out a new niche, bigger and brighter than my Puja room."

She was raised to be a home maker. And that she became, uprooted umpteenth time from the homes she made as she was married to an army man. Home was her office and children were her projects. Unaware of whatever happening in the whole wide world she kept packing lunch boxes for 30 years of her life. Although never into any profession but the passion one can see in her eyes while she busily toils soil in her garden, any passionate career woman of today can get ashamed. Along with her homes she also had to leave her gardens every three years; never mind, in the next home, just after entering she always sowed few seeds of spinach, two of tomato and chillies each and some seasonal flowers using her spatula, sprayed some water from the water bottle and this became a gesture of entering in a new home for the family in the coming years.
She keeps telling her girls, "Be patient and firm and things will fall into places." 

She took the challenge when she was left in a recession bound homeland with a small child and a PhD to finish. She finished her PhD and collected all her courage and went abroad, cried in agony for her daughter, who was still in her country with the grandparents. But then slowly through strong will she found her path. She found a stable position as a researcher, she got united with her daughter and ever since they two are great team; a close knit and strong one.
She tells her colleague, "Have strong faith and never forget to smile."

She is a person with biggest hug and cuddle, she can spread her both hands to help any one who she finds on her way. Go to her with a depressed and heavy heart and  guarantee is that you will come home back with high spirits, just over a cup of coffee.
She teaches her friends to hug tightly and laugh it out loudly. Beware! Her laugh can be catchy.

She is tall with curly hairs free falling on her broad shoulders, she can be easily misunderstood as a model, but she is an engineer, first one in her family, a seemingly common young breed oozing with carelessness, keep laughing for all her silliness, but just that day I heard she has gone to fight with her bosses due to unfair attitude of theirs. 
Her mantra, "Keep quiet until it is time to roar."

She has a long way to go, her life is just beginning, but you are bound to take her seriously, she has already lived in three countries, learned four different languages and made friends everywhere. No, she does not like to leave a place and a friend so often but she adjusted to let her mummy study/work. At age 7 she makes card on woman's day for her mummy.
She is a little woman but definitely a strong one. 

All those bunches of  women who are or aspiring to be scientists, doctors, engineers, charted accountants, human resources personnel, home makers, authors, artists, managers, technical writers, patent analysts, professors, businesswomen, brokers, road workers, bus/taxi drivers, panchayat sarpanch,  nurses, air hostesses, actors, directors and all others are;
My inspiration-My women.

Since 100 years many more of us today have expanded our world but many of us are still fighting. 
Many child still remain to be born just because they could be girls.
It is only 100 years we have recognized us but we may need 100 more years to  give life to all  unborn fetuses.
And to reach there
Many 100 years we will go.
Off course we will!


  1. Thank you for your entry, Chandrima! Lovely to hear about all these women (and girls too).

  2. Thank you very much, Chandu! I feel blessed to be one of your friends.

  3. Love all those angelic women from the core of my heart!!! I am proud to say, they are my 'FAMILY'!!!

  4. I loved your post - its evocative style of narrration.

    Kudos on your well-deserved win!

  5. Thank you very much!

  6. proud of being a women with a good laugh and coffee. First i thought it was the curls...
    thanks Chandrima

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