Food on Mood

'Food', an essential which can attire into an extreme luxury.
'Food' is also the most blogged word I think.
Recently I am feeling like I should share my thoughts on Food.

But why I want to write anything again? Well may be being an Indian I inherit the essence of delicious, spicy and colourful food.
Then there are so many of them, veterans,  even about Indian cuisine, one who tells about quick Indian cooking, others are talking about food from different regions of India like Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra pradesh,  Kashmir and more.  And they also pour in interesting stories behind the food they write about.

Okay then I can write about the medley of food I have experienced and god willing will keep on experiencing.
But there are blogs for all kinds of foods, Scottish, German, Turkish, Greek, Iranian and so on.

All are laced with marvelous photography. 
All of them also talk about several stories moving around food, and the fun, festivity, the varieties.

So what is left for me to write about?
I am not a professional cook, I am not even the best cook in my core family of three. I am not the most organized and the fastest one even. Oh! although I am a Bengali but authentic Bengali cooking is not my forte.

But then how does it matter?

Shall I not write, the fantasies I feel about food, the bridges that I make by cooking a menu with my grandmothers, the inheritance I have carried from my parents, the recipes I have shared with my friends, the romantic twosome dinners cooked by two, the moments I have shared with my daughter while she baked her first cake?

Who else can write about my experiences with food? And I am a great follower of Mira Nair when she says that don't wait for any one else to tell your own story.

So this page is dedicated to the different moods, passion and times I share with the foods I make/eat or talk about. Also about my exposure to food of different countries, genre and styles, the experiences, learning and tastes.

This page is also a note;
I want to keep for my sister who absolutely don't care about food she eats, I know one day she will, and then she will read these pages one by one.
For my brother who is a great foodie, is little cautious about choosing and who wants to cook in spite of great resistance from his surrounding, I hope and pray that he will not loose his interest in cooking and will come to this space many times in his life.
And finally for 'J'. I don't know what else she will have from me (I mean, looks, habits, hobbies, skills, memories) when I will be not their for her physically but this blog is specially for her for when she will want me.

My foods will be talking about the moods I go/went through in my life and they will be put together in random with a dream that they will grow like slowly sewing an unpredictable patchwork quilt which is started in the middle!

I hope you will enjoy reading/cooking them as much I do cooking/writing them.
I hope you will also understand the mood beneath each of them even if not mentioned deliberately.

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